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White Gun: Another DOJ gun-walking operation surfaces

Written By: Bob - Jan• 13•12

Months ago Sharyl Attkisson warned us that there were as many as ten gun-walking operations being run out of the Department of Justice in five states. It now seems that the same cast of suspects that perpetrated Operation Fast and Furious may have been concurrently running another gun-walking operation out of Phoenix, this one code-named White Gun.

In the late summer of 2010, the ATF agent leading the failed Fast and Furious gun-smuggling operation in Arizona flew to Mexico City to help coordinate cross-border investigations of U.S. weapons used by Mexican drug cartels.

Hope A. MacAllister wanted access to police and military vaults for American weapons recovered by Mexican authorities in raids and at crime scenes. She especially was interested in firearms from another ATF investigation, code-named White Gun, that she was running.

Now members of Congress who have spent months scrutinizing the Fast and Furious debacle are seeking to determine whether White Gun was another weapons investigation gone wrong.

“Apparently guns got away again,” said one source close to the investigation, led by Rep. Darrell Issa (R-Vista) and Sen. Charles E. Grassley (R-Iowa). “How many got into Mexico, who knows?”

White Gun appears to have been run much more competently than Operation Fast and Furious, and seems much more analogous with Operation Wide Receiver, in that these were sting operations that involved cooperation with the Mexican government and resulted in arrests, even though flaws in the case may have allowed some weapons to get lost.

That White Gun and Wide Receiver are apparently so similar throws Fast and Furious into sharp relief.

White Gun and Wide Receiver shows us that the DOJ had established policies and procedures in place to run gun smuggling interdiction operations with at least some degree of success in conjunction with Mexican authorities.

Why then, would the Holder Justice Department engage in Fast and Furious, a much larger operation that actively discouraged the interdiction of weapons,  and purposefully kept Mexican officials in the dark? They only logical conclusion to draw is that Operation Fast and Furious existed for the express intention of putting U.S.-traceable firearms into the hands of the Sinaloa cartel.

Why they would do that is something I hope we get to discover in an independent prosecutor’s criminal investigation.

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  1. Rex L Fey says:

    Stii do a liitle non gun business with several Arazonia and Texas gun dealers. They have been making noise about “funny” stuff for over two and a half years. Every body needs to know that 99% of the licensed dealers that have been around for awhile get along well with the local ATFE agents, work with them because it’s in their mutal interest to keep guns out of the hands of “Bad Guys”. The gun dealer are wide awake local buiness people who don’t sell guns to people they call crooks, gun runners (smuglers) or street pedlers. When somebody pressures them to sell to these types they don’t like it at all but ATFE, FBI and Border Patol have lots of power so if they want to stay in business they resist but have to go along. I was a dealer in that area before the federal check system and didn’t sell to anybody I didn’t know or couldn’t get some information on. My best sources of information were local police and pawn shop owners, no big deal, just phone call from back room.

    In my opinion dealers and the public were better off, safer, without these politcal hacks screwing things up and adding 20% to 30% (maybe more added to operating costs as paper work, tv monitors, computers, fees and time putting up with medling).

    What I can’t figure out is where the guns dealers think they were being forced to sell to the street pedlers have gone. All I hear is about is the Mexico smugling.

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