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CSGV and Brady cling to silence to avoid criticizing Obama Admin’s gun-walking murders

Over the past few days I’ve been intrigued by a running Twitter fight between some of my favorite gun bloggers and the Coalition to Stop Gun Violence and the Brady Campaign. The two groups have glaring and obviously different opinions about firearms. Pro-gunners are cognizant of world history and current events, the logic of the […]

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Anonymous waging communist hacker war on United States. Media goes silent.

I posted a copy of Anonymous’ Declaration of War on the United States yesterday. It has been stunning to me how little attention the MSM is paying to this call for literal war–guns, bullets, bombs, and blood–against the U.S. government. This is the same media that colludes with Media Matters and the Obama Administration to […]

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Mittens wins in MI, AZ

Mitt Romney coasted in Arizona and pulled out a to- close victory in Michigan, picking up delegates but hardly putting away GOP challenger Senator Rick Santorum. What should we take away for this? I think the obvious. Mitt Romney is a weak candidate. While Romney has some support, most of his support is superficial. He […]

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Hacker collective Anonymous declares war on United States

John over at Verum Serum has a transcript of the video, and the sound admonition that the group has probably bitten off more than they can chew. Note that they are not calling for hacking computers anymore. They are calling for guns and bombs and bloodshed.

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Issa calls Holder out on his Fast and Furious lies

U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder, who still refuses to say who came up with Operation Fast and Furious, who authorized Operation Fast and Furious, and who else was in the loop about the program, used his time in front of another Congressional panel today to whine about how he’s been treated over Operation Fast and […]

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