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A Fistful of Taxpayer Dollars

Written By: Bob - Feb• 06•12

All I wanted to watch was a football game. Instead, I got this.

It isn’t halftime, Clint, and Detroit wasn’t “knocked down with one punch.”

Detroit resembles post-war Germany because of systematic and invasive abuse by Democratic politicians, greedy union leaders, and complacent unionized labor that thought they deserved top pay and benefits for third-rate products. Now “We the People” are watching our children’s birthright pillaged to float these same bloated companies, third-rate products, and Democratic politicians.

Detroit deserves to die. Let its epitaph be a warning.

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  1. Bob aka "Melensdad" says:

    The problem with the commercial is that FIAT, an Italian company, now owns Chrysler. That was not mentioned.

    Further, we GAVE the company to FIAT and it cost us BILLIONS OF TAX PAYER DOLLARS to have FIAT take Chrysler off our hands. They used all sorts of accounting tricks, combined with a good deal of smoke and mirrors to make it look like we sold the car company to FIAT. Any good accountant can show that we lost our butts on this deal.

    The auto bailouts may have cost us as much as $35 to $40 BILLION tax dollars. LINK =>