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So it’s a turkey shoot

Written By: Bob - Feb• 24•12

A neighbor mentioned a nearby shooting range that he was interested in trying out, and so I pulled up it’s web site to have a gander at what they have to offer.

I’m trying to decide if one competitive offering they present is insensitive, inflammatory, entirely reasonable, or all of the above.

The Templar Shooting Society (TSS) is a group of Infidels that meet on the 4th  Lord’s Day of the month to hone their skills of shooting radical Muslims. This is not a tactics based shooting game but a speed and accuracy steel shooting game. There are few rules, with Safety being paramount to this game. It is about having fun and not shooting your fellow Christians. Matches are held on the fourth Sunday of the Month.

All steel tgts are radical Muslims hell bent on world domination and terror and trying to take the free will of all non-believers. All white tgts are Christians trying to get to Jerusalem to see the Christ’s birth site. You are to shoot all threat tgts with two rounds in the kill zone and not shoot the Christian tgts.

While the range is very specific in pointing out that the bad guy targets are radical Muslims bent on terrorizing Christian pilgrims, I’m sure progressives will have a cow over the explicit Crusades imagery.

Wait until they start booking Holy Land tours.

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  1. STW says:

    There was a machine type gun designed in the 18th century, as I recall, that called for square bullets for heathens and round ones for Christians. While I don’t believe one was ever built I have seen pictures of the design. This gun sounds like a perfect fit for these late month meetings.
    (American Heritage Magazine had a one page article on it 40 or so years ago and, I think, Tamara had a picture on her blog once. I spent 3 minutes looking and didn’t find it.)