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Act of Valor, brought to you by Gibson-Galliano films

Written By: Bob - Feb• 24•12

I was really rooting for Act of Valor, the action film that blurred the lines between reality and fiction by using real, active-duty U.S. Navy operators and live ammunition (in some scenes) as they tried to unravel a plot involving Islamic terrorists and South American drug dealers attacking America. I was planning on seeing the film the first chance I got.

And then I read how incredibly stupid and Hollywood that damn thing went.

I’m sure there are Jewish terrorists. Somewhere. But this comes across as a contrived attempt to excuse the inherent violence of Islamic faith and dodge CAIR protests. It is cowardice, plain and simple, that would have made Goebbels proud, and a disservice to the men and women who wear the uniform.

Update: I posted my criticism of the film based upon the description of the film as provided by a very insightful blogger who very rarely misfires, who saw the film, and was shocked by the anti-semitism she saw.

She has now withdrawn her criticism of the film. This relieves me greatly, even though I stand by my comment that making the lead villain a Jew was a cowardly act meant to dampen criticism from the Islamic community.

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  1. Dan Collins says:

    So dumb. They could have made them Catholic terrorists.

  2. cmblake6 says:

    Well, I’ll be going to see it anyway. I’m really interested in ignoring the politics and watching the action.

    I write about politics every single frakking day, and sometimes I just want some brainless entertainment. Although, knowing me like I do, I’ll probably end up mad at the politics as well.

  3. Mister_V says:

    I just saw it today and that’s not what I took away from it. Veadov’s character is not the main bad guy, he’s a supporting bad guy to a hardcore Islamic fundamentalist. He’s only referenced as Jewish once, in passing, and it’s only used to show that he’s not a true believer so as to make it plausible that he will turn against the main bad guy. I was honestly surprised by just how few punches AoV pulled. All in all, I thought it was a pretty good movie and definitely worth watching.

  4. Steve says:


    We’ve been all over this as well on Common Cents…

  5. Bookworm says:

    Thank you, Bob, for not telling me I’m crazy. I’m not crazy, but I am upset. I so deeply respect the SEALS as defenders of our liberty that I was genuinely hurt when I saw this antisemitic trope pop up in the movie. It felt very personal that an organization I admire would do something like that.

  6. Nina says:

    I’m going to go see it. As are many of my friends who serve in the military. As a matter of fact, I’ve read quite a few reviews from members of the military in just the last few days (the guys @ Blackfive are just ONE example). All quite positive. In fact one of the reviews is from a guy who was at the official screening/debut in LA just the other week. Furthermore there are about 5 posts this am and late last night from folks who saw it. Positive reviews from them as well.

    I’d rather go by what they say than what the reviewers at places like Huff Post, and other fishwrap media says . . . And, you might recall that many ‘movie reviewers’ HATED Saving Private Ryan because it was too real. However, the overwhelming response from those who served was a different story. I’m viewing Act Of Valor in the same way.

  7. redc1c4 says:

    this article has been at least partially retracted by the author, see here:

  8. Bookworm says:

    Thank you, Bob. There are two different levels here. The first is that I got contacted by a couple of SEALS and understand why they did what they did. It was an amateur mistake, which was to conflate the actor with the character. In other words, the SEALS are innocent of bad intentions, which was a great relief to me.

    The fact remains, though, that someone let out a movie in which the super-duper bad guy is a rich Jew and, yes, that sits way too well with Muslim sensibilities for my taste. There’s the niggling feeling that someone ran with what started out as an innocent mistake.

    I backed down on this one, though, because I respect the SEALS and because I truly like the idea behind this movie. I want more movies like this — pro-American and pro-military. Since I don’t think the “anti-American terrorist = rich Jew” theme (which doesn’t mesh with actual facts on the ground) was intentional, I’m going to assume that the film makers, if they try again, won’t make this mistake twice. After all, as they used to say before lawyers took over the world, every dog is allowed one bite.