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Anonymous waging communist hacker war on United States. Media goes silent.

Written By: Bob - Feb• 29•12

I posted a copy of Anonymous’ Declaration of War on the United States yesterday.

It has been stunning to me how little attention the MSM is paying to this call for literal war–guns, bullets, bombs, and blood–against the U.S. government.

This is the same media that colludes with Media Matters and the Obama Administration to portray the Tea Party as potentially violent insurrectionists, when there hasĀ  never been (to the best of my knowledge) so much as a single Tea Party-related arrest. This same media bends over backwards to cover up the murders, drug deaths, suicides, rapes, and violent assaults against their fellow protestors and police that are sadly common at Occupy encampments.

Why does that double standard exist?

It may have something to do with the collectivist bent of Anonymous, which has partnered with the Occupy movement. Both groups are devoting to subverting the Constitution and the Republic, even if neither seems to be able to provide anything more coherent than chaos as a replacement. I suspect that the MSM doesn’t want the American people to link the radical leftist Democrats supporting Occupy to the hacktivist terrorists that have now declared war against the United States.

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One Comment

  1. Linoge says:

    Anonymous can be a somewhat viable cybersecurity threat… when they get their acts together and apply enough concerted force to their particular goals of the day/hour/minute. But even that is a touch-and-go, as-it-happens kind of thing, with no guarantee of success of efficacy.

    On the other hand, “cybersecurity threat” in no way translates on a 1:1 ratio to “physical security threat”, and just spouting off that it does is… well… silly. Anonymous, so far as we know, has no private army, they have no physical assault element, and even with teaming up with Occupy, their numbers are sufficiently small that they could be dispersed with some additional application of OC spray. There is no electronic button for them to push to induce other people to rise up in revolution on their behalf, so the threat, while concerning, definitely rings hollow.

    That said, regarding the MSM, I sincerely believe that they fear Anonymous – most of their revenue/purpose these days is controlled / transmitted / supported by the internet, and should a news source speak up against/about Anonymous, I wonder what kind of damage would be done.

    Well, that, and, as you say, they are probably hoping for Anonymous/Occupy to be successful… because then the right people would be in charge…