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Better than Airbags

Written By: Bob - Feb• 21•12

I’ve mentioned before the miraculous recovery of my cousin from a coma after a horrific single car crash.

Well, she just turned 18, has been accepted to the University of Florida, and is looking forward to graduating from high school. Not bad progress for someone who was in a coma several months ago after surviving a horrific wreck. She’s now asking about what happened, and her parents released these pictures, to show just how big of a miracle she is.

The initial impact destroyed the right front corner of the car when it smashed into a tree off the right side of the road, causing it to careen sideways into the median, where it impacted the driver’s side door broadside with enough force to wrap the car around a second tree.

The human body is a miraculous organism, incredibly fragile and impossibly resilient at the same time, but I have to be believe that there is more to her survival and recovery that just good genetics. The hand of God moves in strange and mysterious ways. I chose to believe that it was he who shielded her from the worst of the impact, he who cradled her in the hospital, and he who holds her hand every step of the way of her recovery.

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  1. Jeff Hoser says:

    My eldest is an EMT with extensive training in MVA response. Your account, and the young lady’s recovery mirrors one of his worst – and best ! I agree sometimes – fortunately – the hand of a higher power is at work in these incidents. IMO, there’s no other “splanation” ! >MW

  2. chsgeecheegirl says:

    The Lord obviously has big plans for her.

  3. Tom says:

    What an amazing story. Thank God she’s recovering well.