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Black liberation theologist Obama risks religious war

Written By: Bob - Feb• 09•12

The 44th President of the United States spent two decades of his life in a church that espouses black liberation theology, a cultish mix of South American Marxism and leftovers from the radical black power movement that also gave rise to the equally racist Nation of Islam.

We should only be surprised that it took this long into his turn in office to attempt to undermine the First Amendment as he has the Second. Columnist Janet Daley captures the issue of Obama trying to use the federal government’s power to force Catholics to go against their core religious beliefs in a crucial view from across the pond.

One of the provisions of Obamacare’s Affordable Care Act which obliges employers to provide mandatory health insurance, is that such policies must cover the provision of contraceptive services. While churches and specifically religious institutions (such as convents presumably) are exempt, other places of employment run by the Church would not be. So a Roman Catholic school, university or hospital would be obliged to provide contraception for its employees even though this goes against its religious beliefs and teaching. The Obama administration is now facing opposition not only from the Republicans – who see it as a straightforward breach of the First Amendment right to freedom of religious observance – but from Democratic Congressmen and Senators many of whom come from states with large Catholic populations.

So why has the President chosen this high-risk path? The White House spokesman says simply that the administration is committed to giving women access to these services “no matter where they work”. In other words, this is an issue of equality: everyone must have the same access to identical provision even if they (knowingly) work for an employer who is opposed in principle to such provision. This is a classic case of government-backed equality vs individual freedom of conscience, of a kind with which we are very familiar in Britain. It is, in fact, a direct consequence of the uniformity which any national healthcare plan must involve.

But it is also a departure from the traditional American view (enshrined in the Constitution) that the government shall not interfere in the people’s right to religious assembly and practice. What the Obama White House has effectively decided is that religion can not be allowed to interfere with the secular values which government has decreed – such as the right to equality in contraception services. Religion itself is being firmly put in its box. If the state decides that contraception must be available to all, then no church or theological text will be allowed to stand in the way.

Obama shows no sign of backing away from his position that he can impose his values over the core religious values of a huge segment of the American population.

Tactically, it is the second massive slap in the face to a growing Latino population. The first, of course, was sacrificing the lives of hundreds of Mexican nationals and Americans living along the border during Operation Fast and Furious so that the Obama Administration could have bodies to point to to further their call to reinstate a harsher version of the failed Clinton-era “assault weapon” ban.

The Obamcare edict that contraception normalization is more important than Catholic theology (and the beliefs of many Protestants as well) is an aggressive expansion of state expansion into our private lives, putting religion, as Daley notes, “in a box.”

Republicans seem to be willing to go to the mattresses over this issue, as do high ranking Catholic church officials.

Our Stuttering Cluster*&^% of a Miserable Failure and his sycophants don’t understand the depth of opposition against them, because they have no core religious values, just secular guidelines that can be bent and twisted as political needs and opportunities allow. This is a dangerous miscalculation, and possibly not just on a political level if Obama doesn’t have the common sense to back away from such a blatantly unconstitutional mandate that is such a brazen attack on people of faith.

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  1. Neo says:

    In the last 30 years of so, I’ve never seen the Catholic Church speak from the pulpit on a religious/political issue the way they have on this .. not even for Roe v Wade.

    • styrgwillidar says:

      Yeah, but they brought this on themselves by not standing up for the Truth (as they see it) earlier. They cooperated with avowed Catholics, tolerating their public statements and actions directly contradicting Church teaching because they were cooperative on other social issues. Tolerate evil, and evil grows stronger. Allow politicians to mis-represent Church teachings and they will continue to twist it’s teachings to suit their purposes, not the Church’s.

  2. cmblake6 says:

    It does seem to want war. But if it gets what it would appear to want, I know an awful lot of “them” that would fight on “our” side.

    You see, the thing is NOT skin tone, but political philosophy. Further proof it is an idiot, or a tool of those who would destroy this nation from within.

  3. louielouie says:

    and his sycophants don’t understand the depth of opposition against them,

    nor do they care.

    because they have no core religious values, just secular guidelines that can be bent and twisted as political needs and opportunities allow

    in this statement bob describes about 50% of the US population. so where does that get us? and if it goes to the supremes we know how that branch is bent.
    the church does have an option. refuse to provide the services, and pay huge fines that will be used to supplement other private/gov’t institutions.

    • styrgwillidar says:

      Another option, dismantle all their large organizations and restructure as parts of local church parishes not covered by the edict. Less efficient though…

      • louielouie says:

        would that work? ultimately all church property belongs to the bishop of the diocese. the legal hoops would be enormous.

  4. rumcrook says:

    dont comply force the feds to jail people and confiscate property.

    then the real fight between the nihilist leftist scum and americans who dont want hope and change can begain in earnest.

  5. Questionman says:

    Just when I thought the racist right couldn’t get any sick and disgusting, they keep proving my both right and wrong! Especially (excluding Matt) all of these pukes swallow the words of these scumbag Neo-Nazi Racists like Mark Levin and his fellow Neo-Nazi racists at the 2012 CPAC! I said last year that crap like this was gonna happen!

    I don’t get it, birth control wasn’t a big deal in America 20 years ago… why is it now?

    There’s been a backlash by conservatives, some religious, some not. Progress is made in this country by taking 2 steps forward, and then forced 1 step back. It amazes me that the religious groups think it is immoral to use birth control and that these Republicans, who are supposed to be about personal liberty, think that this is ok! Women have the right to CHOOSE whether they want to start a family or not. Every time I hear one of the Repubs speak, I realize how much I dislike them (except RP)

    The President arrived at a solution that satisfied all direct parties to the controversy. It is a compromise (if you even want to call it that) that gives up nothing—women will still be able to make their own decisions on birth control without having to run it past a bureaucrat, politician, or church official. It’s about choice and women are still the ones who get to make that choice. The GOP would like to take that choice away from women. President Obama, to his credit, didn’t let them.

    I have lived under 13 U.S. presidents, and I can say without hesitation that George W. Bush is the worst president of my lifetime, and he may well be the worst ever. One would have to go all the way back to James Buchanan to find a president of equal incompetence.

    The last thing America needs is another “businessman” like Bush. He had (whether he earned it or not) an MBA, for gosh sakes, and he was the worst president ever.

    Show me anywhere in the world where Obama is a Marxist. “There is none”

    Only in the mind of the “conservative” scum bags is our President a Marxist.

    This is the thing with conservatives. They don’t know the first thing about Marx or his writings, yet they label everyone a “Marxist” like the term actually means something.

    Anyone thinking that Obama is Anti-American needs to cover themselves up and brace for reality, soon.

    I wish you were joking but we all know that you are not and that GOP would be willing to do anything including destroying the country to keep Obama from a second term. Just look at what they did with the debt ceiling fiasco. The right held out held out held out saying they weren’t going to vote yes until their demands were meet. Well those demands were never meet the US credit rating took a hit. The only good thing from that was the American people knew who to blame the GOP.

    How can you even think President Obama is evil? That’s easy, because they are hate-filled racists! The scumbags here Believes anyone that does not look like him is Evil. Spoken like a racist and a refugee from the fact challenged Fox News.

    As for Obama being socialist or communist or far left. Name what he’s done that is socialist, communist, or far left. Easy NONEWHATSOEVER!

    Obama reacted the right way, and considered a thoughtful compromise to those who got their panties in a bunch over this non-issue.

    And no, Obama ISN’T a Muslim, Communist, Marxist, or leftist extremist.

    He has governed more to the center, than the last 4 POTUS’s.

    But who says that Obama wants to be a dictator – other than less than reliable sources as Limbaugh, Beck, and Fox Noise?

    Also, where in the Bible does it say “thou shalt not have contraception”?

    How about him being a dictator. Would you like to have a dictator? Bush Jr said we should have one, and he should be that one. Did you like that? I can’t imagine anything worse that a dictator. Obama is not a dictator; he just finally got aggressive after the pugs killed all things he wanted to do.

    It’s obvious why scumbags like you want him jailed Not for treason he never committed – or bribery he never did – or high crimes and misdemeanors he has never done!- not for any real impeachable offense – but only because the President is black! their only disgusting reason! It’s so obvious!

    Despite the incessant screams of “Traitor!” coming from the Right, Obama hasn’t actually committed treason You can’t impeach President Obama because he has not committed a high crime or misdemeanor, they only crime he committed was being black and they hate that! That’s why they create bogus charges of crimes!

    I’ll come out and say it. Anyone who calls Obama a “Clear and Present Danger to this country” is, without doubt, a fact-challenged racist. THAT is a fact! I noticed I remember past President’s doing stuff like this, but why is it Anti-American when President Obama does it? Racism or Double Standards, It’s one of the two.

    Oh, and by the way, check this out:

    But you repeat these ridiculous lies anyway, because you can’t say the real reason you hate Obama: THEY CAN’T STAND A BLACK MAN IN THE WHITE HOUSE.