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Brian Terry’s family files $25 million wrongful death suit against ATF/Lone Wolf Trading

Written By: Bob - Feb• 01•12

Things seem to be getting worse for Eric Holder’s cover-up of Operation Fast and Furious every day.


The family of murdered Border Patrol agent Brian Terry has filed a $25 million wrongful death suit against the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives claiming Terry was killed with AK-47s that were knowingly sold under the Fast and Furious gunrunning probe to a straw purchaser for drug cartels.

In a 65-page complaint, filed in Arizona state court on Wednesday, attorneys for the family claim ATF “wrongdoing” in Operation Fast and Furious.

“ATF’s failures were not only negligent but in violation of ATF’s own policies and procedures,” the complaint claims.

But here’s the most brilliant part:

The family has also filed a suit against the Lone Wolf Trading Company seeking unspecified damages for negligence in selling the weapons to the purchaser and aiding and abetting in Mexican drug cartels’ conduct.

The suit says Lone Wolf knowingly sold “hundreds of weapons” to various straw purchasers and in turn realized “hundreds of thousands of dollars in profits from these sales.”

The suit alleges that “but for defendants’ negligent and illegal sales … Brian Terry would not have been murdered in the Arizona desert on Dec. 14, 2010.”

By pulling Lone Wolf into the equation, the family’s attorney’s are creating a situation where Lone Wolf is going to be forced to give up what they know and pressure the ATF into providing documents for their defense as well.

I don’t think for a second that the Terry family is out for the money. I strongly suspect they want justice, and perhaps perhaps a small measure of revenge.

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  1. mac says:

    I do hope this is strategic. Lone Wolf is good people.

  2. Rip VanBullwinkle says:

    Bob- I understand the logic behind bringing Lone Wolf into the legal battle, as you’ve noted. But what options did L.W.T. have when they were approached with being involved with this mess? One of the agencies they were dealing with is the agency that issues their license, another is the agency that investigates and prosecutes violations of the terms of that license. Seems to me they were screwed no matter what they did, obviously so given Holders testimony indicating that he’d rather go after whistle blowers than after the criminals whose hands these guns landed in.

  3. Chris says:

    The strategy will hopefully pan out. I fear that LWT will get caught between a rock and a very expensive hard place.

  4. What Would Founding Fathers Do says:

    The tyrannical head of the DOJ, Eric Holder, must be stoped. This EVIL man must be placed in prison for justice to be served. Rance Priebus from RNC has said he is going to focus on F&F on campaign for president so hopefully it will become a top priority soon. Agent Brian Terry honored the USA, its time his family is told the WHOLE TRUTH so it can move on & heal the best it can.