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Written By: Bob - Feb• 18•12

I don’t even recall how I got there, but I was trolling the ‘net the other evening and came across something I’d not seen in years.

I’ve heard it described variously as a WWII USMC Corpsman’s knife, a Marine machete, as a Navy bolo… whatever you want to call it, it brings back fond memories. My father acquired one years ago and had it in the workshop with the axes and mauls we used to split wood, and I used to appropriate it for adventures into the jungle that pretends to be woods in eastern North Carolina when I was in my teens.

The blade was extremely thick and heavy, and it was one of the most functional chopping implements I’ve ever used. It is great for removing small limbs from trees, shaping poles or notching small logs, splitting kindling, or even chopping down small trees. It was tiring to use because of it’s heft, but one of the best machete’s I’ve ever used for heavy utility work.

Atlanta Cutlery has them, but seems to be phasing them out. That’s a shame. I’m getting to the point where I’m burning more wood (both for heat and the simple primal enjoyment that comes from listening to the crackle of flames) and would love to have this to split kindling with a bit more control than you can get from an axe. Maybe I can justify it as a birthday present to myself…

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  1. louielouie says:

    got one!

  2. Robert says:

    Speaking of Eastern NC, did you ever read Robert Ruark’s classic book The Old Man and the Boy, Bob? He grew up in Southport in the 20’s and early 30’s, and his boyhood was an outdoorsman’s dream. Well worth reading, even though it isn’t available for Kindle yet.

  3. Sean says:

    Go for it and get yourself one.

  4. louielouie says:

    just arrived.
    it has the same shape as the one you show.
    there are only three brads in the handle, instead of the four shown.
    the heft is just as you say.
    the scabbard is substantial as well. with a legging strap.
    the belt loop seems like it’s made for a rope type belt?
    plus they send you a free gift. a little 2-1/2″ blade mustang type knife.
    it will get used.