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CSGV and Brady cling to silence to avoid criticizing Obama Admin’s gun-walking murders

Written By: Bob - Feb• 29•12

Over the past few days I’ve been intrigued by a running Twitter fight between some of my favorite gun bloggers and the Coalition to Stop Gun Violence and the Brady Campaign. The two groups have glaring and obviously different opinions about firearms.

Pro-gunners are cognizant of world history and current events, the logic of the Founders, and the biblical roots and justification for the use of arms in defending the individual and the community against both criminals and those who would usurp our rights. Anti-gun organizations have fetishized firearms into sentient killing machines, and gun owners into sociopaths just waiting for an excuse to go on a murder spree. They seem to believe that by removing firearms from lawful society, criminals will be unable to find other means of committing violence, despite the failure of bans in this and other nations to reduce criminal violence. If you have any doubts over which position is more reasonable, you merely need to look at how each side defends it’s position. Pro-gunners use facts, specifications, science, and reason. Anti-gun organizations are primarily driven by personal anecdotes and opinion polls.

What has come to infuriate me about Brady and CSGV is their utter, purposeful, and hypocritical silence over the Obama Administration’s most lasting legacy, Operation Fast and Furious.

If you’ve been under a rock for the past 14 months, Operation Fast and Furious was a plot by the Obama Administration to arm the Sinaloa narco-terrorist drug cartel with thousands of weapons from Arizona gun shops. Federal Firearms Licensees (FFLs) were  coerced by the ATF to provide weapons to straw purchasers, under the implicit threat of having their licenses revoked. FFLs were told they were participating in a legal sting operation.

In actuality, the Obama DOJ was not attempting law enforcement, but facilitating mass murder. Department of Justice employees working in the BATFE (ATF), DEA, and FBI were allowing straw purchasers to buy weapons by the gross and smuggle them over the border into Mexico without any controls, or any attempt to interdict the weapons or arrest the smugglers. In several instances, they actually intervened with local law enforcement as protection on behalf of the cartel weapon smugglers to ensure that weapons deliveries were not being delayed.

The stated and admitted goal of Operation Fast and Furious was to provide thousands of weapons to the Sinaloa drug cartel so that the weapons could be traced when recovered at crime scenes. Take a few minutes to process that stunning admission.

Cartels buy weapons by the gross for their enforcers as disposable commodities. They are bought, used, and discarded.  When these guns are “used,” they are disposed of only after a violent  crime has been committed, typically murder. Criminals dump the weapons at the crime scene so that they cannot be captured with it later and be tied to murders via ballistics.  In short, the Obama Administration facilitated the smuggling of thousands of firearms into the hands of violent criminals, in a plot that hinged on violent crimes being carried out against Mexican men, women, and children.

Both CSGV and Brady claim to be organizations dedicated to stamping out gun violence, but a search of both of their web sites show that neither seems to have the slightest problem with Operation Fast and Furious. The gun-walking plot is the deadliest political scandal  in American political and Presidential history, costing the lives of 300+ Mexican nationals and only came to light after three U.S. federal agents were gunned down using walked weapons from separate gun-walking operations in Arizona and Texas.

If the Coalition to Stop Gun Violence and the Brady Campaign really represented sincere efforts to end gun violence, then they should have been two of the organizations leading the charge for accountability here. Brady and CSGV should wage a public relations war, helping the House and Senate investigators, and demanding answers and accountability from the Obama Administration.

Why the Obama Administration was willing to facilitate these murders is an answer currently being obscured by the Department of Justice and an Attorney General that may soon face charges or perjury and contempt of Congress for his role in the plot and it’s cover-up. There are several theories of why the Obama Administration ran with this murder-dependent plot, but none dispute that the shootings of Mexican citizens was an inherent part of the plot.

These organizations remain graveyard silent as the bodies continue to fall. Far from fighting gun violence, they use their silence to enable it.

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  1. Mt Top Patriot says:

    It is indicative of the elitism inherent in all involved in undermining my Liberty, in particular my 2nd Amendment Liberty, that while I am subjected to their utter disdain of me, (a free, law abiding man), and the treason of those who are working to take my Liberty, they freely “grant” such “permission” of right to bear arms to the worst kind of criminals imaginable for the planned purposes of committing violent crimes and murder. And most are not even Americans.
    The hypocrisy of this, and especially the people who advocate such corruption for the sake of imposing tyranny is mind blowing.
    And to top it all, I am categorized if I do not keep my mouth shut about it, as a domestic terrorist, by the very people whom I as an American am required to trust to protect my Liberty in the first instance.
    Am I the only one seeing a pattern of outright tyranny here?
    Has the world gone mad or something?
    Who do these people believe they are?

  2. Sean says:

    You should have seen the running snipe fight over on the Starbucks facebook wall. Oh my. Most of it has been deleted now I think. But many involved on the pro gun side have got screen shots of particularly stupid statements from the CSGV.

  3. Larry says:

    We don’t call them blood dancers for nothing.

  4. They justify their silence because the ATF doesn’t sell guns, but when called out on this and told that the ATF ‘allowed’ and ‘supported’ questionable gun sales to proceed, from the very gun shops they were working with, in order to track smugglers, these nutjobs just cover their ears and scream ‘NRA NRA NRA’…….

  5. Steven says:

    The BATF not only supported and/or allowed gun shops to make those sales – often times they DIRECTED them shop to sell.

    Some of the shop owners, being law abiding folk, saw some very unsavory gun sales being applied for, and CALLED the BATF, and then were directed to sell.

    Originally, when F&F came to light, the BATF tried to throw those shop owners under the bus, but many had DOCUMENTED their conversations with the BATF agents, and that soon died down.

    Before F&F some U.S. guns were used by cartels, and we pro-gun types should admit this. But this program allowed more than 2k guns to be bought, specifically by drug cartels, and are now being used to murder innocent Mexicans, as an anti-2nd Amendment prop, and there is a flat REFUSAL by DoJ executive personnel to cooperate on what happened “due to an ongoing investigation” / “operation”.

    The IG investigation is a joke and the operation is over. People need to be put in jail on comtempt until they roll over on their bosses and then whoever ran this murder plan needs to never leave prison.

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