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Detroit goes Bronson

Written By: Bob - Feb• 07•12

Charles Bronson in Death Wish 3 with his co-star, a .475 Wildey Magnum.

Clint Eastwood was apparently the wrong tough guy to be advertising for a city where basic government services have failed, and citizens have been forced to go the vigilante route.

Sebastian notes:

To form governments, people surrender their natural right of retribution to the state. In return, the state administers fair and impartial justice. When the state fails to live up to its end of the bargain, people take matters into their own hands. Since juries are going to be composed of the same people mentioned in this article, prosecutors will have a hell of a time earning convictions on legitimate cases of vigilantism, and can forget about earning convictions on borderline self-defense cases, or cases such as shooting a burglar in the back after he dropped your stereo and is on his way out your front door.

And yet our opponents would rather have these people disarmed for their own good. Needless to say I strongly disagree with that statement. The residents of Detroit are doing what they can to keep some semblance of order. This is a failure of the state, and when the state fails, the people have a right to replace the administration of the state’s justice. That street justice is ugly, is why we have government to begin with. Our opponents view this as a failure of the individuals, whereas I believe we view it as a failure of the state.

Sebastian views this as a failure of government, but I’d note that it is specifically a failure of decades of left-wing “progressive” ideology in all its rotting glory.

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