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Don’t mess with dad

Written By: Bob - Feb• 10•12

A spoiled teen curses at parents in a long Facebook rant, complaining about the (very minimal) amount of chores she does, and thinks she can get away with it since she blocked her parent from her Facebook page.

Said spoiled child forgets that dad works in IT for a living, and that dad has warned her before about her mouth, and airing her rants in public.

His response is pitch and caliber perfect, turning him into a parenting hero overnight.

This video was posted three days ago, and has over 2.1 million views already.

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  1. Bob aka "Melensdad" says:

    We spent the morning showing this at the cigar lounge and laughing at the end. Clearly there is a bit of bad parenting here. But the fact that this guy has the liberals apoplectic makes it all worth while.

    BTW, where do you get those ‘exploding’ hollow points he used?

  2. Jeff Hoser says:

    Too bad the only one liable for “punnishment” in this post is the father ! IOW whatever passes for “Family Services” in his locality will – at the demand of the “feel-good liberati” – descend upon this unfortunate gentleman’s home, arrest him, seize his weapons, then proceed to destroy his home/life/business/future. All because of a parent fustrated dealing with a self-centered bratty kid. (Or bitch of a daugher.)

    Be interesting to revisit this “lady” a few years’ down the road to see how she (un?)developed ! >MW

  3. styrgwillidar says:

    Should have just donated the computer to a kid at the high school. One who does have a job and seems resectful of authority. Just seems a waste…