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Holder, Issa release prepared opening statements for today’s Oversight showdown

Written By: Bob - Feb• 02•12

Oh, to be in Washington to watch the fireworks today.

Attorney General Holder has released his prepared remarks (PDF), which indicate that he has no intention of further complying with Oversight’s demand for documents relating to the Fast and Furious investigation, and which incredibly calls for more gun control.

Oversight Committee Chairman has released his opening statement as well, which promises a scathing criticism of Holder’s refusal to provide evidence and the Department of Justice’s attempts to lie.

You can follow the testimony live online here.

Separately, Arizona Rep. Ben Quayle has introduced a resolution calling for the President to appoint a special prosecutor.

“Even now, as new evidence comes to light that officials at the most senior levels of the Justice Department were aware of this Operation, Attorney General Holder continues to deny knowledge,” Quayle continued. “It is time for a thorough, independent investigation by a special prosecutor to find out who knew about this operation and when, as well as who authorized it. By all appearances, Attorney General Holder is guilty of either gross negligence, or catastrophic incompetence. If he had no part in this disastrous operation as he claims, he should welcome this opportunity to clear the air.”

The House cannot appoint an independent special prosecutor, but it can apply pressure on President Barack Obama to do so.

The media and Obama Administration can continue ignore this political scandal–the most deadly plot in American history–but can rest assured that if they continue to cover-up the plot that it will be made into a key 2012 Presidential campaign issue.

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  1. Neo says:

    Former CIA head Gen. Hayden on CNN:

    “But any personal instinct toward some common “executive branch” empathy for Holder is muted not only by the dubious character of Fast and Furious, but by some of the attorney general’s other actions, as well. While out of office, for example, he famously called for a ‘reckoning’ for CIA officers and other officials who authorized and conducted operations that were edgy and risky and intended to deal with difficult circumstances.”