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IBD: Yup, Fast and Furious was a gun control plot

Written By: Bob - Feb• 13•12

Now, if we can just get the Republican Speaker of the House on board, and the GOP Leader, and the Senate minority leader and any Democrat that doesn’t want to be tied to this plot as they distance themselves from President Felony as they face reelection, we might be on our way toward putting the right people in jail.

A drug enforcement agent says other agencies knew in 2009 about the Justice Department’s gunrunning operation and even tried to interdict the weapons flow. And, yes, it was a gun-control plot.

The notion that Fast and Furious was a localized operation run out of the Phoenix office of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives of which few, particularly the arguably clueless Attorney General Eric Holder, were aware continues to be exposed as the lie it is.

“In 2009, I became aware that ATF was walking guns,” Tony Coulson, who was in charge of the Drug Enforcement Agency-Tucson during Operation Fast and Furious, said in a recent interview with Michel Marizco of the website Fronteras.

“I also learned that Homeland Security Investigations, then ICE, actually interceded on more than one occasion where they seized weapons at the ports of entry when they were heading southbound contrary to ATF’s plans.”

The statements by the now-retired Coulson confirm the testimony of ATF agents themselves that providing guns to Mexican drug cartels was intended, not accidental. “Allowing loads of weapons that we knew to be destined for criminals — this was the plan,” John Dodson, an ATF agent, testified before the House Government Oversight Committee.

“It was so mandated,” ATF agent Olindo James Casa said before the committee, adding that “on several occasions I personally requested to interdict or seize firearms, but I was always ordered to stand down and not to seize the firearms.”

Coulson paints a picture not of a well-intentioned local program gone rogue, but of a operation widely known throughout the Obama administration, one deliberately intended to promote the need for gun control. Other agencies knew of the operation and tried to stop the flow of guns to Mexican criminals and drug cartels.

Attorney General Eric Holder was well aware of this plot, as was Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano. Gun-walking simply could not have occurred without their knowledge, contacts, and authorization. Logic suggests that they would not have dared to implement such a high-risk, low return-on-investment without guidance–or more than likely a directive–from the White House itself.

Over much of the previous Presidential administration, we had to listen to radical leftists call President Bush a murderer for send our soldiers to carry our missions approved by Congress, with the knowledge of the American voter.

These same shrill, overwhelmingly white and upper-middle class zealots have not shred a single tear for the hundreds of Mexicans that have died as a result of Barack Obama’s gun control plot known as Operation Fast and Furious.

“Racism!!!” has long been their cry against conservatives.

Discovering that their fake Jesus is the architect of the most murderous plot in American political history is something that they can’t even begin to let themselves contemplate.

Maybe we can call them “deathers.”

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