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Izhmash reveals 5th generation AK-12

Written By: Bob - Feb• 14•12

Not really “new” as there have been stories dribbling out about the gun for a month or more, but it’s pretty much new to me.

It certainly won’t win any beauty awards, but then, it could be argued that no AK ever could. The railmonkey seems to have taken a shine to this gun, which is far more modern and modular than it’s name suggests.

“One of the features that is specific to the new Kalashnikov rifle is its modular nature. It is designed as a base model which can serve as a basis for making about 20 different modifications of weapons which could be used for both civil and military purposes and with different caliber bullets,” Elena Filatova said.

The difference between the new AK-12 and its previous models is that it can be operated with one hand. The designers decided to install safety switches on both sides of the rifle rather than on the just right-hand side. The capacity of its magazine has been doubled to 60 rounds, while its accuracy has been improved, the new model has enhanced target pointer and a higher quality of barrel. The designers have built integrated Picatinny rail at the top of the cover to enable the use of additional equipment such as optical, bore sighter or night vision equipment. This makes it possible to use the weapon around the clock. To improve the weapon’s firing accuracy, the rifle’s dynamic and other features have been modified.

The Russian military is saturated with assault rifles and has no need for this newest rifle, which is why the company is pushing the modularity in hopes of attracting foreign military clients.

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  1. Larry says:

    That top rail looks an awful lot like the Texas Weapons Systems Gen 2 dogleg scope rail…

  2. hutch1200 says:

    Different calibers…such as? More accurate? Well that is nice, any proof? I know this is just a preliminary article and lifted from a press release. Please keep us updated. And thank you for getting this info to us.

    • Norcross says:

      The three calibers released so far are no big surprise: 5.45×39, 5.56×45, and 7.62×39. There are supposed to be more in the future, though.
      A big part of the accuracy increase is supposed to come from an improved muzzle brake (externally it looks to me like an elongated version of the old AK-47 muzzle brake, which will probably be very efficient if the expansion chamber is as big as it looks).