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King Putt protested in the OC

Written By: Bob - Feb• 25•12

In case you missed it like I did, the Campaigner in Chief made another fundraising stop in southern California on the 17th, and he wasn’t warmly received.

Hundreds of protesters lined Pacific Coast Highway Thursday morning to greet President Obama who was visiting Newport Beach for a campaign fundraiser. Most of the attendees awaited the arrival of the president in protest though a number of pro-Obama supporters were sprinkled throughout the crowd.

This, Obama’s first visit to Orange County since 2009, was characterized by several blocks of protesters wielding a variety signs reading “Catholics Say No To Obamacare,” “Get Out Of My Way — I am a Business Owner,” “Evict Obama,” “Enough is Enough,” “End of an Error” and many others. One pro-Obama sign that stuck out in memory read “Thank You for Getting Osama,” in reference to the administration’s killing of former Al Qaeda terrorist leader Usama bin Laden last year.

Perhaps the most hard-hitting sign at the rally read: “Breakfast with Obama: $38,000. 4 Years Of Political Favors: Priceless.”

I’ve heard rumors that the overwhelming majority of Obama’s campaign donations this time around are high-dollar amount donations from well-healed bi-coastal progressives, Hollyweird, Nazi-sympathizing Soros, and Obama’s crony-capitalist allies on Wall Street and in Silicon Valley. He is not getting the small dollar donations as he did in his 2008 campaign, and logic dictates the reason for that is that he’s put so many of his supporters on a path to bankruptcy that they don’t have the disposal income to provide to the man that has put them out of work.

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  1. emdfl says:

    Are you refering to those “small dollar donations” that came(in the millions) from overseas credit cards that were untraceable?