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Kos to Occupy rape victims: screw them

Written By: Bob - Feb• 14•12

Daily Kos founder Markos Moulitsas has really stepped in it, claiming that the widely reported incidents of rape of both women and men at various Occupy protests were fiction in a conversation with Current TV’s Keith Olbermann.

Let the people see what occupying is like. This isn’t an Xbox game. There are real repercussions to the one-percent’s folly.

That said, I feel nothing over the rapes of hipsters. They aren’t in Occupy because of orders, or because they are there trying to help the people make America a better place. They are there to whine for handouts. Screw them.

Or maybe I’m confusing that with an earlier conversation.

Here’s what actually went down.

“This movement has gone far beyond the actual protests themselves. The message itself has taken on its own meaning.  It’s sort of kind of almost broken free from the Occupy protests, so they can be as filthy and they can rape people — if you want to make stuff up —but the fact is nobody really cares about it because that message isn’t about the messenger, it’s not about who’s delivering a message, but it’s about the message itself which really resonates at a very core emotional level with people who are suffering in this economy.”

Olbermann and Current TV allowed Kos to make the outrageous statement without any attempt to correct the record or defend the victims of these violent sexual assaults.

If anyone had actually watched the Olbermann, they would have been offended.

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