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Written By: Bob - Feb• 21•12

So there is a new gun site that claims to be “a true social networking community and an unrivaled firearms resource directory” for shooters. It seems their claims-to-fame so far include:

  • trashing gun bloggers for being gun bloggers, instead of spending their time ginning up poorly-coded, slow-loading fake social media sites
  • breaking out the kneepads with a blatant traffic-trolling “award” to The Truth About Guns as “#1Best Gun Blog of 2012” less than two full months into the year
  • misappropriating the likenesses of the very gun bloggers they’ve slammed to create the illusion of acceptance by the community.

Not exactly the best first impressions, kids.

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  1. Sean says:

    I’m not a gun blogger and even I recognize what complete fracking morons these guys are. I suggested on one of the gun blogs I read though that it just might…MIGHT be run by an anti gun nitwit group. It’s the only thing that makes sense.

  2. Bob, please further educate yourself about fair use, the legal status of profile/review websites, the Yelp phenomenon, my disclaimers, and my username/profile policies before you go off half-cocked. How can one misappropriate the likeness for the illusion of acceptance with a disclaimers like “This profile created and maintained by Smoke & Thunder” and “Only the actual verifiable person or business profiled may claim their profile”. Riddle me that.

    • Bob says:

      It’s been quite a few years since I took media law and don’t pretend to be a lawyer, so I’ll leave the details of whether or not you legally crossed the line to the courts.

      What is obvious to all involved is that you have left a horrible first impression on many of the most influential people in the online shooting sports community, and your arrogant responses to your initial gaffes are only digging you a deeper hole.

      Your public relations skills are atrocious, and I suspect that you’ll be going the way of Righthaven soon enough.

  3. Bob aka "Melensdad" says:

    I looked over their website, couldn’t see much of it because I didn’t register. But what I could see didn’t look like much and didn’t give me any reason to want to register.

    No need to fret about them making any real impact if they continue to offer potential users what they are currently offering. Clearly when you don’t have substance you won’t get much of an informed audience.

    • BobG says:

      I agree. What I saw was somebody trying to rope in a bunch of member fees from people by claiming to be something special; I don’t see what the site has other than a lot of hot air and bullshit.