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A new old gun for Appleseed

Written By: Bob - Feb• 24•12

I just picked up an old Glenfield Model 60 from my local gun shop.

It’s wooden stock was battered and just a bit loose, the finish was worn, and the scarred action appears to have been cleaned with a wire brush. I suspect the rifle rarely, if ever, saw the inside of a case, and probably rattled around in a pickup’s tool box. I like to think that each dent in the stock tells a story.

After a thorough cleaning and the addition of sling swivels and Tech Sights, and it will be one of our “liberty training rifles” set up for an Appleseed weekend a month from now.

New guns are nice, but older ones have more character.

I think that applies to some people, too.

Update: Was scouting around for sling swivel studs, which led me to look at synthetic stocks, which led me to this. It’s a pretty interesting take on customizing a Model 60 to provide survival essentials in one place, and I’m about half-seriously interested in following his lead, just using the Tech-Sights instead of the scope and leaving the bipod at home.

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One Comment

  1. Larry says:

    The only thing about using the Model 60 for Appleseed is the tubular magazine, from what I’ve read it makes reloads a bit harder.
    Please do report on how it did when you get back from the Appleseed event coming up.