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Nice shooting, if arguably too much of it

Written By: Bob - Feb• 25•12

I saw the video earlier in the week of the LAPD taking down a carjacker, but wanted to withhold commentary until there was a little more perspective. Now there is a bit more information.

Eleven Los Angeles police officers fired more than 60 shots, fatally wounding an armed carjacking suspect in Koreatown at the end of a televised slow-speed pursuit on Thursday, police sources said.

Authorities said police fired because the suspect pointed his handgun at customers at a gas station, endangering public safety.

“When he pulled out his revolver and pointed it at people inside the store, the officers took action, fired their rounds and the suspect expired at the scene,” Cmdr. Andrew Smith said Friday.

But sources said the number of officers firing weapons is likely to be a focus of the Los Angeles Police Department investigation into the use of force, which is routine after every officer-involved shooting. In addition to the department’s force investigation division, the district attorney’s officer shooting team and the Police Commission’s inspector general are investigating the shooting, as is standard practice.

You can hop to the link and watch video of the shooting take place captured by a news helicopter and an interview with the gas station owner pinned down behind his car during the shooting.

Was it a good shoot? You can’t tell from video evidence alone, and if the cops claim the carjacker was aiming his weapon at gas station store customers, then I’m inclined to give them the benefit of the doubt, even if the number of officers that fired seems a bit high. Could they all have had a legitimate view of the carjacker’s actions and a safe angle from which to fire?

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  1. Sean says:

    one of the things I’d be interested in is the break down of how many times each of the officers fires and how many hits the suspect actually suffered.

  2. tps says:

    I seem to recall a study that said that most cops are only required to go to the gun range 1-2 times a year and fire only 1 clip. Mostly because the departments could only afford that much. Anything over and above came from the officers own pockets.