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Occupy Denver throws urine bombs at police

Written By: Bob - Feb• 27•12

The only rational explanation for the Occupy movement is to consider that while evolution is a scientific theory, de-evolution is a sociological fact.

Several protesters were arrested Saturday evening during a disruptive anti-police protest in downtown Denver.

According to Lt. Matt Murray of the Denver Police Department, at 7:30 p.m. close to 60-70 anarchist protesters started marching on 16th Street Mall.

The Mall Ride was forced to shut down as protesters allegedly threw urine-filled balloons, set off fireworks and sprayed painted several vehicles including an RTD bus.

The group is claiming that they are “not directly associated with” Occupy Denver. If you’re a progressive, feel free to believe that if it helps you get through your day. The Stalinist Left of the Occupy movement and the anarchist left have marched–often literally–hand in hand with one another from one cause/protest/riot to another. This is no different.

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