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Oleg on steel-cased ammunition

Written By: Bob - Feb• 13•12

In addition to being one of the best product photographers gracing the firearms industry and a fierce advocate of our Constitution, Oleg Volk is a very knowledgeable blogger, and has the best explanation of when to use steel-cased ammunition that I suspect many of us have ever read.

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  1. cmblake6 says:

    General read of his post is that steel case is fairly good stuff, use it on the range to keep up your malfunction clearance drills, put brass ammo in your carry gun. He did mention one particular FN rifle that was so vicious on it’s brass that it NEEDED steel case to keep it in one piece to eject! Tapered case rounds work better than straight wall with it. All in all, a very honest evaluation of the good and the bad, then when to and when not to.