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Nice shooting, if arguably too much of it

I saw the video earlier in the week of the LAPD taking down a carjacker, but wanted to withhold commentary until there was a little more perspective. Now there is a bit more information. Eleven Los Angeles police officers fired more than 60 shots, fatally wounding an armed carjacking suspect in Koreatown at the end of a […]

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King Putt protested in the OC

In case you missed it like I did, the Campaigner in Chief made another fundraising stop in southern California on the 17th, and he wasn’t warmly received. Hundreds of protesters lined Pacific Coast Highway Thursday morning to greet President Obama who was visiting Newport Beach for a campaign fundraiser. Most of the attendees awaited the arrival of […]

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Pathologically euthanizing tons of animals

PETA has always been a joke. We just didn’t know how much of a sick joke they were.

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Homeland Security IG asked to investigate DHS role in Fast and Furious

Things just keep getting worse for the gun-runners of the Obama administration, as the gun-walking plot has triggered another Congressional investigation. Congressman Michael McCaul (R-TX) formally requested that the Department of Homeland Security conduct an internal investigation into the department’s role in Operation Fast & Furious, the botched gun running operation conducted by the Bureau […]

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Two more U.S. soldiers killed as result of rioting Afghans

Americans soldiers did the right thing in destroying Qurans defaced by Muslim terrorists, but that reality is apparently too complex for the opium-dealing, child-raping Afghans, who have killed two more American soldiers in a fifth day of rioting. The Taliban claimed responsibility for an attack Saturday inside the Afghan interior ministry that killed at least […]

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