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Saddam’s ghost

Written By: Bob - Feb• 14•12

Do you remember during the prior Presidential Administration–back when the President was evil–when we fought “illegal wars” approved by and repeatedly funded by Congress?

Do you remember when some claimed that the “missing” WMDs weren’t missing, just moved? Do you remember in response Bashir Assad denying that Syria had any chemical weapons at all?

About that:

Syrian President Bashar Assad’s regime has used chemical warfare in order to ease its entrance into Homs, said Awad Al-Razak, an officer who defected from the Syrian armed forces.

Al-Razak, who served in the chemical warfare department of the Syrian military, told the Al-Arabiya network that the government used nerve gas under the supervision of Russian and Iranian scientists, and intends to do so again in other parts of the country.

I’m not surprised at all that Assad has turned out to be the kind of monster that would use chemical weapons, in a desperate bid to remain in power, if that is in fact what occurred. Nor would I be surprised if Iran, who has used chemical weapons before, chose to assist in deploying such weapons to one of their last remaining friends in the region. I am a little surprised that Russia would be clumsy enough enough to have their fingerprints on an operation like this.

Frankly, it doesn’t matter if the weapons used were from Saddam’s Iraq,  current Iranian stockpiles, or of Syrian manufacture. Syrian civilians are just as dead, and Assad is courting a war crimes prosecution or summary execution whether the weapons he is using against his own people are a nerve agent or “just” high explosives.

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  1. Brian Guy says:

    Glad you’re covering this CY. I can only wish that the Iraq war had been better planned and administered at the civilian level. If that had been more sucessfull we could have liberated the Syrian people and at least scared the bejesus out of the Iranian mullahs, possibly initiating a regime change from within in Iran. Both the US and Israel would be much more secure right now, and half the middle east would be lumbering towards a true (albeit imperfect) western style democracy.