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Teach your kids to fight

Written By: Bob - Feb• 09•12

One set of parents did, and as this chilling video shows, it may have just saved their daughter’s life.

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  1. Orion says:

    Good kid!

    The perp should be glad she wasn’t one of my students, or he’d be dead. I don’t teach ‘stranger danger’, I teach how to mangle and kill monsters like that as quickly as possible. To date not one of my students has been successfully assaulted – 3 of their attackers are dead, 3 permanently sterile, several more in prison.

    One illegal alien who attempted a snatch on one of my 12 year old students ended up with (we think) a broken wrist and managed to flee back to Mexico ahead of the police.

    Keep it up parents! Make sure your daughters have the tools to survive such an attack.