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Terrorist attack on Capitol Hill thwarted

Written By: Bob - Feb• 17•12

Breaking from Fox News:

Authorities have arrested a man on his way to the U.S. Capitol for what he thought would be a suicide attack on one of the nation’s most symbolic landmarks, Fox News has learned exclusively.

The man, in his 30s and of Moroccan descent, was nabbed following a lengthy investigation by the FBI, initiated after he expressed interest in conducting an attack. It’s unclear how the FBI learned of his aspirations.

 The man thought undercover FBI agents assisting him in his plot were associates of Al Qaeda.

When he was arrested Friday in Washington, he was carrying with him a vest supposedly packed with explosives, but the material inside was not actually dangerous, Fox News was told.

A short time earlier, he had been praying at a mosque in the Washington area. His destination was Capitol Hill.

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  1. tjbbpgobIII says:

    “The man thought undercover FBI agents assisting him in his plot were associates of Al Qaeda”

    Well gee whiz, who would have thought the old fibbies could have pulled that off. The sob’s are just running around setting people with swarthy arabic type features up to be arrested. Been doing this, at least, since the civil rights days, maybe earlier. When will people ever learn that if something sounds to good to be true – – – and I don’t think I even need to finish that for you.

  2. Neo says:

    At least the FBI didn’t give the guy real explosives.

    Imagine if he had slipped their grip and went over to the J Eagar Hovver building instead.