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The murders they sought

Written By: Bob - Feb• 01•12

So, did you hear about the Justice Department’s latest sting operations?

  • Allowing pedophiles to actually collect and then savage their juvenile victims, so that they can then be charged with rape instead of just soliciting minors.
  • Apprehending men who are known to batter their spouses, but only after they’ve put their wives/girlfriends in a coma, or worse.
  • Shipping thousands of weapons to narco-terrorists, so that the heads of the drug gangs can then be arrested for murder if they ever happen to visit this country.

If you think these schemes are too insane to possibly be true, you’d be mostly right.  Sadly, the gun-walking plot known as Operation Fast and Furious that sent more than 2,000 weapons to the Sinaloa drug cartel functioned exactly as described.

The Obama Administration, Attorney General Eric Holder’s Justice Department, Clinton-era gun ban architect Dennis Burke and others that ran the scheme claim that Operation Fast and Furious was conceived to catch “higher ups” in the Sinaloa drug cartel. DOJ officials claimed that the operation worked  by allowing known or suspected  straw-purchasers to make multiple buys of  weapons coveted by the cartels. The weapons would be smuggled over the border into Mexico. Once the weapons turned up in BATF traces, the compiled evidence and would lead to Sinaloa drug kingpins being arrested.

There were only a few small flaws in the plan.

  1. There is no indication that the Department of Justice sought or received permission to violate the Arms Export Control Act (each violation a felony) and allow guns to “walk” over the border.
  2. The second the weapons crossed the border, they were out of the jurisdiction of U.S. law enforcement, meaning that the Department of Justice purposefully ceded control of thousands of firearms to known murderers.
  3. Cartel kingpins could never have been snagged in such a scheme, as they do not participate in things as minor as obtaining weapons for their foot soldiers. Do you think Eric Holder personally selects guns for his FBI and DEA agents? Of course not.
  4. The plot as described relied upon the weapons being traced, meaning they had to be recovered at crime scenes in Mexico, where the federalesgot the serial number and provided it to the ATF for tracing. What sort of crimes do you suppose narco-terrorists  might use illegally acquired guns for, only to discard them? If you answer “murder” you would be correct, meaning that the Department of Justice factored in the murder of Mexican civilians into their plan.
  5. Did I mention that unlike every gun-tracing operation before or since, the Department of Justice kept Mexican authorities and even American agents completely in the dark about the plot?

So over a year after ATF whistle-blowers brought news of this scandal to the public’s attention, the Department of Justice is expecting us to buy at least one of two stories, and hopefully both.

  1. a band of local ATF agents, DEA agents, FBI agents, IRS agents, DHS agents, the politically-connected US Attorney for Arizona, and mid-level DOJ supervisors went rogue for over a year without anyone catching on, and;
  2. the senior leadership of the Department of Justice was completely unaware that this rogue operation, despite the fact that the Attorney General and other senior political appointees were briefed and given weekly memos on it.

Does either the operation the DOJ claims transpired, or their excuses for it sound even vaguely plausible? Of course not.

Operation Fast and Furious was never designed to lead to the capture of drug kingpins. That was not remotely part of the actual plan, a fiction even a rookie cop or law school student would shoot proverbial holes through. The only shred of truth in the explanation provided by the Obama Administration is that the DOJ gave guns to the cartels in order to track them after they were used in violent crimes, typically murders.

Which prompts the next most logical question: Why would a President who once used his position as a director of the Joyce Foundation to fund radical anti-gun groups, hire a famously anti-gun Attorney General with a reputation for putting the importance of political causes above the law, who in turn appointed a the politically-connected architect of the most successful anti-gun law of the past three decades to the exact region where “rogue” agents would begin shipping guns by the thousands to narco-terrorists in hopes of being able to find those guns at murder scenes.

Operation Fast and Furious only makes sense under one set of circumstances.

An anti-gun President asked an anti-gun Attorney General to use a long-time gun-banning ally to “dirty up” the reputation of the gun dealers they forced to supply the weapons in order to build a case for a new round of gun control laws.

But please, don’t take my word for it. Read what Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, Eric Holder,and Janet Napolitano had to say about gun violence in Mexico shortly after the President’s inauguration in 2009. Note how they and their allies in the press demonized gun dealers in border states, including the very dealers that Holder’s DOJ pressured into supplying guns to the cartels.

Operation Fast and Furious was a plot to facilitate the murders of citizens of an allied country to advance a political cause of the radical left wing of the Democratic Party.

There has never been another political scandal to equal this in American history in terms of lives lost and trust betrayed. May God have mercy upon the souls of Barack Obama, Eric Holder,and their co-conspirators, for there should be no mercy on them in criminal court when this investigation takes its inevitable turn towards justice.

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  1. Phelps says:

    Actually, there is one other, even more damning theory.

    We send guns specifically to the Sinola because we wanted them to wipe out the Zetas, collateral damage be damned.