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Two more U.S. soldiers killed as result of rioting Afghans

Written By: Bob - Feb• 25•12

Americans soldiers did the right thing in destroying Qurans defaced by Muslim terrorists, but that reality is apparently too complex for the opium-dealing, child-raping Afghans, who have killed two more American soldiers in a fifth day of rioting.

The Taliban claimed responsibility for an attack Saturday inside the Afghan interior ministry that killed at least two American officers.

NATO and Afghan officials reported the deaths of two American officers inside the ministry in Kabul.

According to the International Security Assistance Force, initial reports indicated that “an individual” turned his weapon against NATO service members.

The agency did not provide the nationalities of the victims, but an Afghan police official confirmed they were American.

A Taliban spokesman said the attack was in response to the burning of Qurans at a U.S. base.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again; if Obama doesn’t have the balls to destroy the opium crop that is the Taliban’s economic engine, then we should withdraw. I don’t care if it calls for chemical defoliants or a bio-engineered blight. I don’t care if Afghan opium farmers or Hamid Karzai’s own drug empire collapses as a result.

Fight to win, or go home. Otherwise you dishonor those who have been sent in harm’s way.


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