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Watergate. Now in paperback

Written By: Bob - Feb• 21•12

Operation Fast and Furious was an Obama Administration gun-walking plot that hinged entirely on Mexican nationals be murdered with weapons that the ATF allowed to go to Mexican cartels so that the murder weapons could then be traced.  That isn’t hyperbole or partisan spin, but precisely what the Obama Department of Justice has already admitted to under oath to congressional investigators.

It is the deadliest political scandal in U.S. Presidential history, costing more than 300 Mexican citizens so far their lives, as well as the life of U.S. Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry.

The undeniable facts of the plot, including the testimony of dozens of  career federal law enforcement agents as witnesses against their elected and appointed political bosses, will lead to the impeachment or resignation of Attorney General Eric Holder, potentially Secretary of Homeland Security Janet Napolitano, top State Department officials, IRS CID officials, and potentially President Barack Obama himself if he manages to win a second term.

Eventually, this same cast of co-conspirators will have to face criminal charges for hundreds of counts of being accessories to murder, felony violations of the Arms Export Control Act and Kingpin Act, and possibly even felony RICO charges as a result of their current poorly orchestrated cover-up. Considering the severity of the felonies, there is a significant chance that members of the Obama Administration could end their lives behind prison bars in a federal penitentiary, which is still preferable to the fate they would like face if deported to Mexico to answer for their crimes.

Though one scandal of such magnitude would be enough to sink any corrupt political enterprise, Jeffery Lord lays out a stunning case in the American Spectator that indicates that recent stunning exposé on Media Matters by the staff of the Daily Caller may have exposed a second scandal of “Watergate”-grade proportions, with eerie parallels.

Over eight pages, Lord lays out a compelling argument that David Brock’s new book may accidentally provide evidence of abuse of power on par with the Nixon tapes, toppling the Obama criminal enterprise from another direction.

It is becoming increasingly clear that the murderous thinking that brought us Operation Fast and Furious was just one example of an “above the law” mindset of an out-of-control Administration. They seem assured of ending up in prison. The only question seems to be one of jurisdiction.

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  1. emdfl says:

    I would hardly call a deliberate plot that ends up killing unknown numbers of Mexican citizens as well as at least two members of US law enforcement a “scandal”.
    Why don’t we start using the term “murderous white-house directed conspiracy” for a change.

  2. jorgen says:

    The Nixon scandal can only be classified as “naughtiness” when compared with Obama/Holder’s murderous Fast and Furious.