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Of Appleseeds and men

I made a short post about last week’s  Appleseed shoot in Ramsuer here on the blog earlier in the week, but have gone into more detail about it at PJ Media. It is affordable,  enjoyable and empowering, and I hope you get a chance to try one out (they’re in all 50 states) at some […]

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Managing Zimmerman/Martin expectations

I’ve been checking the #travyonmartin tag on Twitter from time to time over the last week of this media circus, and note that quite a few people are absolutists about the chain of  events that ended in George Zimmerman firing the single shot that killed Trayvon Martin. One absolutist position is that Zimmerman was totally […]

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ABC News doctors Zimmerman video to peddle false story in Trayvon Martin case

The Daily Caller has investigated the ABC News claim that police closed circuit television of George Zimmerman being brought to the Sanford, FL police station shows no sign of injury, in what appears to be an intentional effort by the network to cast doubt on Zimmerman’s accounting of events. Zimmerman claims he was forced to […]

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Suicide by culture

If you follow the #TrayvonMartin hashtag on Twitter, you’ll learn that there is a lot of emotion, and very few people either know–or care–about the actual facts of the case. The dead teenager has become a symbol of cynics attempting to cash in on all the ginned up outrage, from tee shirt vendors to politicians, […]

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Take a life or lose a life: George Zimmerman’s options

A commenter made the observation yesterday that posthumous character assassination is unfair. I tend to agree. It is wrong to unfairly malign someone when they have passed and cannot defend themselves. That said, a person’s death does not confer sainthood, especially when how that person died may affect how other people may live. George Zimmerman […]

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