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A fantasy platform

Written By: Bob - Mar• 16•12

I’ve been home sick for the past three days with a sinus infection, sleeping most of the day and having weird dream at night. In one of those dreams I was on-stage in a 2016 GOP Presidential Primary debate. I don’t remember much of it, but I was impressive!

Hey, it was my dream. It did have the moderately beneficial result of forcing me to think about what I’d like in a candidate, and what I would like to represent if Hell froze over and I was actually a contender.

I dumped the 15 plank platform on Twitter a while ago, and the response was pretty good, so I thought I’d replicate it here for posterity.

  1. Obamacare struck down, and insurance regs stripped to bare minimum and companies allowed to compete nationally.
  2. U.S. out of nation-building, sticking to nation-bombing as necessary to national defense only.
  3. U.S. Navy built up as dual-purpose military-humanitarian force. “No better friend, no worse enemy.”
  4. Biometric voter ID mandatory, and mobile registration units provided for shut-ins, etc.
  5. If you don’t pay taxes, you don’t vote. Period. You want to play, you must have a skin in the game.
  6. Massive overhaul of tax code. No loopholes, purchase-based. No penalty on saving (Need to flesh this out in more detail).
  7. Close down federal agencies/departments not necessary to carrying out core Constitutional requirements.
  8. Energy independence. Drill here, now. Cos that fail to leave land in better condition than when started shuttered.
  9. Term limits in congress. 1 term senate, 3 terms house. No one should be part of the problem for more than 6 years.
  10. 2nd Amendment carry. Striking down of GCA 68 and modernizing of NFA 34. Suppressors actively encouraged by EPA/OSHA.
  11. SCOTUS not compelled to retire, but encouraged to retire by the age of 72.
  12. Means-testing of all federal aid.
  13. Pass balanced budget amendment, or impose for length of term via executive order.
  14. Would serve one term only. None of this “holding back for the second term” crap.
  15. Challenge Roe v Wade. Infanticide is not a right. Contraception is a personal responsibility.

I imagine such a platform would be effective in getting the nation back on budge, and re-fire the culture of personal responsibility and maturity that seems to have skipped a generation or two. I’m equally certain that any candidate that tried to run on such a platform would be attacked by social conservatives (yes, even with a Roe v Wade challenge) as well as progressives, because it would reduce the government’s ability to intrude into your personal lives. It would get ripped apart from each end.

But it’s still a nice dream.

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  1. louielouie says:

    disagree with #11, kick ’em out after 72.
    my idea of term limits would be 2 in the senate/6 in the house, but the spouse is eliminated from holding the same seat.
    #5 & #6 would be absolutely impossible. there is so many/much fiefdoms created there is not way those two could be pushed through. my idea would be a flat tax type system or a VAT system. i do agree with having skin in the game. i just wouldn’t phrase i like that.
    but then you wake up, and realize the national nightmare continues.

  2. Bob aka "Melensdad" says:

    Point #9 – Term Limits: At one point I would have agreed with you but they have this in some states and in those places the bureaucrats actually are intrenched and actually run most things. I’d support term limits IF and ONLY IF there was an associated limit of 10 years (???) for staff members.

    • louielouie says:

      well, i have to admit i don’t understand that. i made a comment at another comment about this. i don’t understand how bureaucrats can become entrenched when the legislature approves their budgets and such.

  3. Orion says:

    Drop that last one and I’d vote for you in a heartbeat. It’s remarkably similar to one I proposed


    Since I took my blog down, here it is(5/20/2008):

    Well, these are the policies *I’D* have if I were running – and so these are the policies I look for in a candidate. Or at least trying to find someone who’s close. Or, this season, trying to find a candidate that the country will survive.


    Increase funding for salaries and recruiting/retention bonuses.
    Increase funding for successful, proven programs.
    Provide funding to continue prosecuting the Long War in all theaters.
    Continue funding for R&D Programs.
    Secure the US Southern Border with the Israeli-style fence.


    Push for a Balanced Budget Amendment.
    Work to eliminate the National Debt and sponsor laws to drive this focus.
    Decrease Government size, and spending, funneling savings into eliminating the National Debt:
    Phase out Social Security entirely in a way that doesn’t screw those who’ve paid.
    Eliminate programs such as NPR, NEA, and most subsidy programs.


    Eliminate the CIA. Create a new Foreign Intelligence Service with budget for Humint as well as the flashy technical programs.
    Eliminate the IRS. Push for a new, simpler tax-code that doesn’t require a four year degree to understand. Think flat-tax, same for corporations. Eliminate tax shelters. KISS!
    Eliminate the BATF entirely.


    Eliminate or drastically re-design NASA. Eliminate the entire Orion program and work with private groups instead.
    Ease legal restrictions on commercialization of space flight.
    Push for a man on Mars within 10 years.
    Push for a reliable SSTO or TSTO system.
    Push for a reliable, reusable SPACE craft, not an orbiting truck or tin-can.


    Work to eliminate any US need for foreign energy sources by:
    Using tax-incentives to encourage the construction of at least 3 new refineries in the US.
    Building new-technology nuclear plants at a rapid rate.
    Support Bussard Reactor fusion research.
    Using tax-incentives to encourage development of alternative energy sources such as wind and solar.
    Using tax-incentives to encourage the development of oil shale/oil sand production
    Using tax-incentives to encourage the development of coal to oil plants.
    Open up ANWR to drilling.
    Continue filling the Strategic Petroleum reserve.


    Work to eliminate any need – and then any real relationship with Saudi Arabia.
    Vastly reduce the US involvement in the United Nations.
    Create a new ‘Congress of Democracies’, building on the lessons learned from the failures of the League of Nations and the United Nations. No terrorists, failed-nation-states, or thugocracies or dictatorships allowed, thank you. Think Canada, UK, Australia, New Zealand, US, Mexico, Brazil, France, Germany, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Iceland, Japan, Poland, Italy, Greece, Turkey, Iraq, Israel, Egypt (MAYBE), Czech Republic, Slovakia, Ireland, Finland, Russia, India, Netherlands, Belgium, Switzerland and perhaps a few others that I may have forgotten.
    End any thought of ‘negotiation’ with terrorists.
    Utterly rebuild the State Department from the ground up.


    Legalize Marijuana. Tax it.
    End the ‘War on Drugs’
    Amnesty/Pardons for non-violent, minor offenders.
    Legalize Prostitution along the lines of Nevada.
    Work to eliminate as many laws as possible and re-design the entire body of the US Codes so that they are simpler and more sensible, and more based upon legitimate state interests.
    Push for a HUGE reform program on our entire penal system.
    Work for guarantees on a woman’s right to choose.
    Work towards a National Concealed Carry Law
    Work to eliminate legislative attacks on the 1st and 2nd Amendments.
    Get rid of the INS and redesign it from the ground up.
    End all amnesty programs for illegal aliens – Aggressively hunt, prosecute, and deport illegals.
    Create a smooth, fair, usable process for immigration into this country including guest-worker programs.

    And an addition I added later…(10/26/2008)
    It’d be nice to get a Constitutional Convention together that would enact these – cause we surely need them:

    1: Clarify the 2nd Amendment to add the words “This includes the right to keep in your home without restriction, carry on your person concealed or not, any firearm not normally considered crew-served, with ammunition.”

    2: TERM LIMITS! You get a total of 10 years in all elective offices, all levels. After that you’re out. No more career politicians. If folks aren’t volunteering to serve a particular post, they can be drafted. Just like the Army used to do.

    3: BALANCED BUDGET – No more spending money you don’t have.

    5: Adding Riders to bills is disallowed.

    6: Lobbying is now illegal.

    7: If you’re not in the office doing your job or using your vacation days, you’re not getting paid – Just like a regular job.

    8: We will begin to gain assets such as precious metals to back the currency we issue.

  4. McThag says:

    When you add term limits to congress critters you’re going to have to have something that prevents the unchanging career bureaucrats from taking over. They will have experience in how things work that is now denied their nominal masters.

    Two simple things should suffice.

    Let their jobs be at the sufferance of the executive. The president can fire them all and replace with his cronies at whim.

    The department and agencies, being of the executive branch, don’t get to make rules and regulations. They’re just enforcement and removing the rule making power guts their actual power.

    • louielouie says:

      that’s a good proposal. but consider this, why have the president be able to appoint these. he is appointing his cabinet.
      as we are speaking of term limits for the legislature, why not make the bureaucrats answer to them? if someone is doing a responsible job, why should they be replaced when the chief executive leaves?

      • McThag says:

        Because what you describe is what we supposedly have and it isn’t working. The spoils system was working prior to its replacement.

  5. Michael says:

    Not bad, accept 5. Our family does not pay Federal Income tax, and it has nothing to do with us, it has to do with the tax code of the Federal government. Pass that one, and now the Federal government can change the tax code so no one pays income tax, now no one can vote, which means lifetime residents of the White House. Change the tax code to make income tax on corporations 50%. The corporations would pay to run the government, charge the extra to the people, but the people won’t get a say in the government. It would no longer be a government of the people, by the people for the people. worse so than it is now. And because no one can vote, the term limits mean nothing, because no one new can be voted in. Just for the record, I wouldn’t have problems paying income tax, but if I lied on my 1040 so I ended up paying tax, I would probably go to jail. But now in 6 you talk about a purchased based tax, that means even the illegals if they buy something over here have paid tax, so now do they get a vote?

  6. Sean says:

    Okey day Bob,
    1-3, awesome.
    4. Biometric? Legal State issued ID required should be sufficient.
    5. Not only No, but HELL No. That one can be twisted to the governments benefit waaay too damn easy.
    6. I’d go with a Flat Tax personally.. 10% across the board. No exemptions period dot. Which would mean the poor and middle class would end up paying more at the end of the year than they do now but, *shrug* fuck it. The “rich” will STILL being paying a hell of a lot more than they do. People want to scream about fair? I’ll goddamn well give it to them. Doesn’t mean they’re going to like it, and I don’t care if they do. I think I decided on somewhere between 30-50% for corporate taxes when I did my own variation on this one specific point. I’d have to go look
    7. Amen! nuff said.
    8. I’ve said that for years, our supposed “dependence” is a crock of shit fousted upon us to A. use in elections as a talking point and B. Give the government more power.
    9. While I like the idea (love it actually) I wonder if it could backfire on us?
    10. Love it, can we put in a further addendum to that? “Any sitting politician who suggests in anyway,tinkering with the 2nd Amendment in the form of “gun control laws” can be summarily shot by his/her constituents.”
    11. I don’t know…I’d probably go with “forcibly retired” if they don’t voluntarily retired. If your ass has been in that chair for more than 40-50yrs…it’s been too long. I’d also suggest that no one who is not a strict constitutionalist be allowed to be appointed to replace a retiring judge.
    12. hmmm…my jury is still out on this one.
    13. Balanced Budget Amendment, most definitely.
    14. Serving one term is your perogative.
    15. you realize you’re going to have a HUGE fight on your hands over that one right?

  7. mytralmann says:

    No REAL skin no vote . This is the only proposal that matters. It is the soul of the original constitution.