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Connecting the dots on Fast and Furious

Written By: Bob - Mar• 03•12

Ronald Kolb has put together an exhaustive case against the Obama Administration’s gun-runners in the Department of Justice, the web of relationships between co-conspirators, and a very obvious and illegal cover-up that has ensued as these top Democratic officials struggle to keep themselves out of prison for the raft of felonies they’ve committed.

Grab a cup of coffee and set aside a half-hour or more to read one of the most important articles written so far about Fast and Furious. When you are done digesting that, consider the three basic questions that the Obama Administration refuses to answer about Fast and Furious more than 13 months after it was exposed.

Then contact your Senators and Congressional delegations and vent your rage.

They’ve let the most deadly scandal in American political history fester without justice for over a year. It’s time to hold the Administration responsible.

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One Comment

  1. Mt Top Patriot says:

    Lets not beat around the bush. It is All about guns. Everything these corrupt traitors do revolves ultimately about guns. It is guns that give these elites their power to enforce their will. It is guns that they fear. It is guns that they must, if they are to obtain absolute power, posses in order to rule with an iron fist. It is guns that they must take from the populous in order obtain that absolute power. It is guns they understand, as no other people, that are the real power behind anything. It is guns this system of government now lives by. It is guns that they use to enforce everything.
    It is guns our founders foresaw as the ultimate line of defense of our Liberty against tyranny.
    And it is guns in the hands of We The People that they fear most.
    Any thing else is a cheap side show.