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Director of Mayors Against Illegal Guns gets pissed I call out gun control groups for their silence on Fast and Furious

Written By: Bob - Mar• 01•12

I wrote a post earlier this week calling out the Brady Campaign and the Coalition to Stop Gun Violence (CSGV)  for their dead silence regarding the hundreds of Mexicans that were murdered with weapons provided by the Obama Administration in Operation Fast and Furious.

Sebastian alerted me several minutes ago that Mark Glaze, Director of  Mayors Against Illegal Guns, decided to stand up and challenge me in an attempt to defend his allies.

I just challenged Glaze on Twitter to explain where my facts are wrong, and I’m restating that challenge here.

I also gave him the option to simply admit that Mayors Against Illegal Guns doesn’t care any more about dead Mexican men, women and children that the other anti-gun organizations. I expect a dishonest response, or more than likely, none at all.

In retrospect, I should have challenged him to publicly push for answers to the three questions, even though I know he would not.

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