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Ignoring a real war, in order to promote a fake one

Written By: Bob - Mar• 05•12

I’ve had it up to “hear” with the stage-managed and utterly contrived “war on women” being pushed by the Stalinist left in the Democratic Party and the mainstream media.

The House Oversight Committee wanted to hear what members of the clergy thought about Obamacare violating the First Amendment and forcing Catholics to pay for birth control.

Nancy Pelosi and the other vicious little circus of leftist females saw an opportunity to gin up a fake controversy out of nothing, and went to work. They submitted, at the last moment, a 30-year-old college student named Sandra Fluke to testify on the panel. Not being a minister, rabbi, or imam, Fluke was rejected from the panel of clergy that was to testify about the reaction of the faith community to Obamacare’s destruction of the First Amendment.

Pelosi and the rest of her leftist cabal then threw a fit, because Republicans excluded a woman from a panel talking about birth control. Leftists walked off the floor in a dramatic pre-planned media moment, and the “war against women” was created entirely out of thin air.

This is the way our media works with the Democratic Party to undermine the social contract, subvert the freedom of speech, and control the narrative.

While the media and Democrats continue to promote this fake war–and a certain dimwitted talk-show host retreats after walking into a trap–these same leftists in the media and the Democratic machine continue to do what they can to ignore and cover-up Operation Fast and Furious and the other gun-walking plots organized by the Obama Administration that have shipped thousands of firearms to Mexican drug cartels.

How many weapons has the Obama Administration provided to drug runners through the Departments of Justice, State, and Homeland Security? My own back-of-the-envelope estimates for just the Sinaloa and Zeta cartels put those numbers north of 20,000 when gun-walking is combined with direct commercial sales and weapons diverted from poorly regulated military sales.

There is no way to track how many dead Mexican men, women, and children can be lain at the feet of the Obama Administration once all those avenues of weapons infiltration are considered. 300+ dead alone are attributed to just one gun-walking plot that was discovered, and there are at least a half dozen of those that still have not been explained.  Factor in the weapons “walked” by the DOJ/DHS in just a half dozen gun-walking plots and the body count could easily surpass 1,500. Factor in the thousands of weapons the Obama State Department allowed through Direct Commercial Sales through shell companies to the Zetas and Foreign Commercial Sales through corrupt Mexican politicians, and the body count could be double that.

It is reasonable to look at the various avenues that this President has used to pump up the number of Latinos murdered on both sides of our border and infer that Barack Obama’s Administration may have contributed to more deaths in the past three years providing weapons to the enemy in Mexico’s drug war, than al Qaeda killed on 9/11.

The reason for contributing to the slaughter of Mexican citizens was outlined early in sworn Congressional testimony.Operation Fast and Furious hinged upon American guns turning up at the scene of murders in Mexico, so that the weapons discarded after the killings could be cited by the President, Attorney General, Secretary of State and Secretary of Homeland Security as they used the deaths they helped manufacture to support a concerted gun control effort based upon promoting what has been now called the “90-percent lie.”

Somewhere between hundreds and thousands of Mexicans and Mexican Americans, including men, women, and children, have been murdered with weapons provided to cartels by the Obama Administration. All to push a gun control agenda.

I have personally witnessed, and others have share the same view, that minorities harbor racism against other minorities the way no white person ever could.  One must ask about the obvious race hatred harbored by a President that spent more than two decades of his life is a church dedicated to radical racial supremacy. One must ask how little Barack Obama’s Administration must value Mexican lives to authorize a weapons plot entirely predicated on murder of hundreds or thousands of Mexicans and Mexican-Americans living along both sides of the border.

Operation Fast and Furious was a murderous conspiracy again Latinos, so that a pair of radical leftist blacks (Barack Obama, Eric Holder) could push through fear-based legislation meant to disarm all Americans of every ethnic background.

You want to discuss a “war on” scenario, my friends in the media? Talk about our racist President blood-dancing on the backs of innocent Mexicans murdered to manufacture evidence for more gun control laws.

That conversation will never happen. It doesn’t mean it isn’t absolutely the truth.

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  1. tjbbpgobIII says:

    My opinion of the young lady in question is that if you need 3,000 condoms a year then you have no time left for eating, sleeping or studying. You’ve probably got several different brands of STD’s. 3,000 divided by 365 equals 8.219 sexual episodes a day. JC on a stick you’re fucking too much.

  2. Sean says:

    Oh speaking of wars…we lost another Warrior and Hero a couple days ago. Col. Van T. Barfoot. 92. He was a holder of the Congressional Medal of Honor. He was also the man who went toe to toe with his insipidly stupid HOA over his flagpole and American Flag, a couple years ago. Sigh…they’re getting scarce now. Don’t think there’s too many left alive from that generation.