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McNaughton: One Nation Under Socialism

Written By: Bob - Mar• 21•12

Jon McNaughton has a thing for controversial political art, and I’m familiar with some of the other work he’s done.

His latest, however, is pretty much a piece of crap.

The body is out of proportion (the real Obama is thinner), the flames cartoonish, and the concept and background are both predictable and derivative. Compared to McNaughton’s other work such as Wake Up America and The Forgotten Man there simply isn’t the messaging or the interest.

Even if you agree with the sentiment, it’s just poorly done.

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  1. Robert says:

    Looks more like the Saturday Night Live actor that (occasionally) lampoons Obama, rather than Obama, himself.

    Probably more effective would have been to show Obama’s desk with a copy of the Bill of Rights thereon, and Obama shown crossing off Amendments one by one.

  2. louielouie says:

    i just don’t like art. don’t get it. don’t want to. predictable and derivative, WTH does that mean? your last name angelo?
    with that said, and yes i did read what bob said, i can’t help think but that the guy who did this, painted hussein as hussein sees himself. the image that he has of himself that he feels he’s projecting to others. and not the true clown that he is. i mean look at those ears. those aren’t hussein ears.
    as for the surroundings/background, there was nothing before hussein, there is nothing else, there is nothing after. there is only, hussein.

  3. 1idvet says:

    I agree.
    I thought the same thing when I saw it.

  4. Chuck in NC says:

    Not sure about the art, or the critique thereof, but …

    Sometimes I guess art is more about the message than the art itself, which may/may not very good.

    So the underlying question is: How ’bout that burning the Constitution? What’s the reaction to that?