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When Trayvon Martin Shot George Zimmerman: An alternate history.

You’re walking home from the store. It’s raining out, so you flip up the hood on your sweatshirt in an attempt to stay dry. You’re on the phone with your girlfriend sharing a laugh, when you catch an SUV creeping down the street behind you. The driver is staring at you intently, and talking to […]

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Florida’s “stand your ground” law won’t keep George Zimmerman out of prison for killing Trayvon Martin. Shoddy policework might.

Trayvon Martin was killed by a single bullet fired by community watch volunteer George Zimmerman in Sanford Florida almost a month ago. Sanford Police had not filed charges against Zimmerman. That is  all that seems to be undisputed in a local shooting that has taken on national implications as it becomes heavily politicized. To here […]

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Occupy Stupidity

I attended a business finance seminar through work yesterday, and it was an eye-opening experience. I’d not death with the higher functions of business finance, and learned a great deal in a short amount of time about how businesses tick. It also gave me some insight into why our economy is foundering, and why it […]

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McNaughton: One Nation Under Socialism

Jon McNaughton has a thing for controversial political art, and I’m familiar with some of the other work he’s done. His latest, however, is pretty much a piece of crap. The body is out of proportion (the real Obama is thinner), the flames cartoonish, and the concept and background are both predictable and derivative. Compared […]

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Capital One’s Alec Baldwin’s War on Women Continues

It was bad enough when he verbally abused his own kid, but Alec Baldwin is now calling a female navy veteran an “oil whore.”  He then goes on to explain why he thinks our veterans are fighting and dying for oil companies, a disgusting and vulgar thought nonetheless common among dim-witted Hollywood leftists. Did I […]

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