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BOMBSHELL: Sandra Fluke an Obama-affiliated Marxist ringer

Oh, it doesn’t get much more amusing than this. Sandra Fluke, the poor little birth control advocate that wasn’t allowed on a panel of clergymen and then had a hissy fit, isn’t just some poor college student off the street as the media tried to portray her, but is instead quite well-connected. Tell us what […]

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Cult of Personality

It appears that racism, Marxism, astronomically high unemployment, rising energy prices, lavish vacations, endless rounds of golf, skyrocketing debit, illegal military actions, sanctioning the extra-judicial murder of U.S . citizens and facilitating the murders of hundreds of Mexicans isn’t enough to blunt the cult of personality surrounding King Putt. An American flag with President Obama’s […]

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Santorum gets the headlines, Romney gets the delegates

Last night’s GOP primaries offered Rick Santorum a chance to claim two victories, even as he is losing the war. Rick Santorum ensured that the Republican nominating battle will drag on, possibly into the spring and beyond, after pulling off a pair of victories in the Deep South on Tuesday — as the presidential primary […]

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Just a reminder: no matter how tacticool you think you are, there are perceptions that may be closer to the truth. These images were placed side-by-side in a Google image search for “Mall Ninja.” For some reason, it amused me.

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True Love

I got a little older today according to the calendar. I’m now 41. The first gift I received this year is probably one that has touched my heart more than any I’ve received in a long while. It isn’t the best picture, but that’s a paracord bracelet made for me by my wife. Monetarily the […]

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