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Protective shell of Democratic Silence on Fast and Furious Starts to Crack

Written By: Bob - Mar• 12•12

In a Congress of more than 600 people, odds were that at least one Democrat has a soul troubled by an Administration that required Mexican citizens to die for Operation Fast and Furious, and it seems likely that the Blue Dogs will be the ones that turn the tide.

Oklahoma Democratic Rep. Dan Boren won’t say if he supports Attorney General Eric Holder amid a surge in the number of House members who have demanded Holder’s resign over Operation Fast and Furious.

A spokesperson for Boren, a conservative Democrat who is a member of the Blue Dog Coalition, said the congressman had “no comment” on whether he still has confidence in Holder.

This is the first time a Democrat has openly refused to support Holder as 120 congressmen, three senators, two sitting governors and all major GOP presidential candidates demand his resignation.

Boren was one of 31 Democrats who signed a letter to President Barack Obama on June 3, 2011, asking him to direct the Justice Department and Holder to provide all information and documents related to Fast and Furious to congressional investigators.

Obama and Holder have apparently ignored the request from Boren and his colleagues, and are still withholding more than 70,000 pages of lawfully subpoenaed documents from House oversight committee chairman Darrell Issa and Iowa Sen. Chuck Grassley.

When the first active defections start in Congress, expect them to result in a tidal wave once Democrats discover that there is no way for the Obama Administration to punish them for doing what is morally right, legally demanded, and politically intelligent.

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  1. louielouie says:

    i’m not familiar with the background of blue dogs.
    here in okieland we call people like boren and those in the eastern and southeastern parts, yellow dog democrats. i.e., somebody could run their yellow dog in the race and if there was a (d) beside the name they would win.
    they neither know nor understand the national implications of what they are doing. they are however, the last remaining remnants of what the democratic party used to be.
    i know. that’s where i grew up.

  2. Ken Hahn says:

    There are no conservative Democrats. There are no moderate Democrats. Democrats come in four flavors.
    1 Liberals ( like Boren )
    2 Very liberal
    3 Extremely liberal ( like the leadership )
    and 4 those who have no ideology except getting reelected.

    I hope Boren does the right thing on this issue, but you can rely on him to be wrong on most of them.