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R MONEY: Or, how I stopped worrying and learned to love the Rom

Written By: Bob - Mar• 08•12

Super Tuesday has come and gone, and while it wasn’t a knockout punch that drove any of the GOP candidates to concede, it does seem to point to an inevitable conclusion.

Mitt Romney is in first, with 419 of the 1144 needed to win the nomination. Rick Santorum trails badly with less than half that amount of delegates, at 178. Newt Gingrich is in third with 107, and Ron Paul’s merry band of zealous loons have managed to give him a “Paultry” 47 delegates.

Spend a little time scanning the remaining electoral map, and  it becomes obvious that neither Gingrich nor Paul has a realistic chance of even making it into a distant second place, much less win the nomination. Both men can credit that to the public images that they have created. Paul is a radical that scares people with a dangerous foreign policy, and Newt has all the personal charm of an Alan Grayson, if armed with facts. It is my opinion that by staying in the race beyond Super Tuesday, both me are merely continuing now in hopes of  shaping the eventual winner’s platform, or of picking up a concession or to. They are, in my opinion, wasting the money of their backers.

Rick Santorum, frankly, is DOA in a general election. He’s won only in the moderately populated Midwest so far, and his willingness to walk blindly into the trap of social issues in what should be an election focused on the economy and the size of government is a disaster. He’s to be commended for being a moral man, but he is a big government social con who wants to intrude in your personal life just as much as the Stalinist left, does, just from the opposite direction. He will bring neither economic wisdom or experience, or a desire to shrink the government.

By process of elimination and mathematics, now that Herman Cain destroyed his campaign and Rick Perry throwing away a Presidency that frankly was his to lose (and boy did he ever), we’re left with one plausible candidate in the GOP, and that’s Mitt Romney, AKA “R Money.”

R Money: Because it is.

R Money: Because it is.

Romney looks and acts Presidential. He’s a successful businessman and one-term Republican governor in a decidedly left-wing state.

Now, is Romney my first choice for the nomination? No, he isn’t. He’s actually my third or forth pick, but he survived, while the other candidates that interested me either failed to run or imploded.

Romney is the survivor. Yes, it bugs me he is the “establishment” pick. I would have rather had a small government conservative governor with one or more successful terms, a fiery demeanor and a track record of conservative accomplishments. But nobody with those criteria made it through in 2012, and Romney is the best we have standing.

Further, Romney has a better campaign organization and message than the other candidates, and I suspect that when facing Obama one-on-one in the general with Marco Rubio by his side (who are we kidding? He’s the shoo-in veep), the GOP has their most viable chance of taking back the White House, and that’s the bottom line.

I’m not thrilled about the conclusion I’ve reasoned myself into. But a Romney campaign makes the most sense from here, and has the best chance of defeating the radical racist-loving, capitalist-hating, would-be petty tyrant that is currently in the White House.

He is enough, and is the only chance that we have of saving capitalism.

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  1. Brian L. says:

    Spot on, Bob. This is the same thought process I’ve gone through since Perry’s exit, and is largely responsible for my sharply increased alcohol consumption since then. ;)

  2. Sean says:

    The fact we’re gonna get shafted with Romney makes me ill. OTOH I knew it was coming. The RNC said after either the very first or the 2nd debate between our candidates…that they’d made their choice. That all their money was going to Romney

  3. redc1c4 says:

    this just means i will be voting for the Green presidential candidate here in California.

    Mittens is never going to carry this state, but if i can help boost the Greens higher, they will get federal money in the future and suck off some of the libtard vote in the future.

    i’m never holding my nose and voting for a RINO again.

  4. Ed says:

    “….., but he is a big government social con who wants to intrude in your personal life just as much as the Stalinist left, does, just from the opposite direction.”

    Bob, I’ve heard a similar argument from leftist sources, and a similar opinion from some libertarians, but I don’t think it holds water. Santorum is not an unknown. I believe he is sincere about his personal beliefs and morals. But, I have heard no indication nor implication from Santorum that he “wants to intrude into your personal life” in any way. This argument strikes me as one that unintentionally adds wind to the sails of the leftists who are hoping for the nomination of a “nowhere man” to face Obama in November.

    I could say more, but I won’t. If Romney wins the nomination, I will vote for him, just as I voted for John McCain.

  5. Jennifer Dyson says:

    I agree with Ed’s assessment of santorum being portrayed as a social con who only intends to intrude further into your bedroom. And while I would prefer him, it does appear that Romney is our current Mccain and will just have to suffice. However I worry about the healthcare debate between him and O. They are too close on that issue, regardless of what campaign speak we hear from Romney now. In addition, Romney has said that he will not say inflammatory things about O. Yet we are very aware that everything we know about O is inflammatory. Mccain avoided such things too…look where it got him.