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RIP Andrew Breitbart (1969-2012)

Written By: Bob - Mar• 01•12

Andrew Breitbart died of natural causes at his home shortly after midnight last night.

I’m stunned, and simply don’t have the words right now. My condolences and prayers fly to his wife and four children.

Update: Don’t shy away from the hate being directed at Andrew Breitbart by the left today. He was great. They aren’t and never will be. And they know it.

Instead, work hard at spreading what you feel to be the truth, and hope that you earn such an epitaph.

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  1. KWS says:

    No one, in any of the stories I’ve seen so far on this, has mentioned Breitbart’s fiery speech at CPAC recently. In that speech Breitbart said he had something on Obama – something big – and was going to break it before the election. Did the goons get to him? There are plenty of ways to make a death look “natural.” Sure hope his wife is getting an autopsy, though even that won’t necessarily tell us the truth. I do hope his organization can carry on, and that his wife and children can somehow sort this out and eventually be healed of their heartbreak. Many prayers going out to them and to everyone else who knew and loved him. We have lost a valuable fighter.

    • Bob says:

      I don’t like to feed conspiratorial thinking. If he had that sort of information, you can rest assured someone provided it to him and that people within the Breitbart organization would be aware of it and will drop that information at the appropriate time.

      • KWS says:

        I hope they do. As for the “conspiracy,” I can’t help but think about this, given what I’ve read about the three young men from Jeremiah Wright’s church, all of them gay, who were murdered in 2007-2008. The mother of one of them says Obama’s people did it b/c her son was intimate with Obama. If that’s true, then what else might be true? There are a lot of ways to kill someone and not leave a trace …. just a little too much insulin for instance. Not saying anyone did that, just floating the possibility. And an autopsy won’t necessarily yield the truth, but I’m hoping they get one.

  2. Neo says:

    So who has the Obama college videos ?

    Why do I keep thinking that these videos got him dead of “natural causes” ?

  3. rumcrook says:

    Breitbart was the most amazing champion of the conservative cause to come along in 20 years, and he was a pitbull who brought down 100 million dollar leftist org’s

    I find his death alarming as well as terrible.

  4. Dave Spell says:

    Please, folks. We haven’t lost him. We have all gained immeasurably from his courage and willingness to meet the enemies of liberty head-on. And we are richer for it.

    If I had the power to do one thing right now, it would be to extend to his family the blessing — beyond any of the political claptrap that continues no matter what — of the Peaceful World where he awakens happily even now.