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RockMelt: finally, a web browser with ADD

Written By: Bob - Mar• 05•12

The in-house web development shop I work for is one of the sharpest groups of folks with whom I’ve ever worked.  We always keeping an eye on the latest technologies, since they can become the new standard almost overnight.

Last Friday someone stumbled across a minor web browser most of us had not heard of before, and which may be the biggest time-sucker ever created.

Behold the interface for RockMelt.

rockmelt web browser screen cap

click to enlarge

Don’t get me wrong. A quick once-over of the WebKit-based browser suggests that it could be very, very good at what it is designed to do, which is integrating Facebook, Twitter, and other social media with a web browser. For home use or social media professionals, I could see this potentially being a great way of keeping track of things.

In a workplace, however, I see the constantly up-dating sidebars being a distraction from getting any real work done. Time-sucker, thy name is RockMelt.

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  1. louielouie says:

    i thought it was “time vampire”?

  2. Sean says:

    Hmmm…I might give it a look. Might. Internet Explorer is radioactive as far as I’m concerned. Firefox is pissing me off as of late, so I’m contemplating looking at chrome.