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The saddest truth in politics is that people get the leaders they deserve

Six more congressmen call on Holder to resign over Fast and Furious. Brady, CSGV, and MAIG still silent over gov’t gun violence.

Written By: Bob - Mar• 07•12

A minimum of hundreds of Mexican citizens have died at the hands of Sinaloa drug cartel with weapons provided from a gun-walking plot known as Operation Fast and Furious.  While the media and Democratic Party has tried to downplay the importance of the plot, it still stands as the deadliest scandal in American Presidential history, and it has garnered a rising number of calls to have the Attorney General of the Obama Administration resign for his role in the plot and coverup.

Six more U.S. Congressmen have demanded Attorney General Eric Holder leave his post this week in the wake of Operation Fast and Furious, bringing the number of U.S. House members pushing for a change in Justice Department leadership to 109.

Spokespeople for Florida Republican Reps. Cliff Stearns and Mario Diaz-Balart told The Daily Caller their bosses agree with the surging group of members already demanding Holder’s resignation. Meanwhile, four new members have signed onto the official House resolution of “no confidence” in Holder — House Resolution 490 –  because of Fast and Furious: Republican Reps. Bill Huizenga of Michigan, Cory Gardner of Colorado, and Pete Olson and Mike Conaway, both of Texas.

The groundswell has grown steadily since the first House members demanded Holder resign last October. Three U.S. Senators, two sitting governors and all major Republican presidential candidates have joined those 109 House members.

In addition to the Democratic politicians and media desperate to ignore this scandal, the professional anti-gun lobby is refusing to discuss gun violence directly caused the actions of some of their most famous champions.

The Brady Campaign, Coalition to Stop Gun Violence (CSGV), and Mayors Against Illegal Guns (MAIG) have been the subject of my vitriol on Twitter (please follow if you don’t already) for the past few days, as they harp upon a handful of murders in the local news, while twisting to avoid making any and all contact about the Obama Administration’s plot.

The Obama Administration committed literally thousands, if not tens of thousands of felonies in their various gun-walking operations. They were the admitted accessories to violent crimes up to and including murder. They  repeatedly violated the Arms Export Control Act, the Kingpin act, committed perjury in sworn testimony to Congress, obstructed justice, and also appear to qualify for prosecution under RICO statutes.

Brady, CSGV, and MAIG have nothing to say about a Black Democrat President and Black Democrat Attorney General being responsible for a plot that has killed at least 300+ Mexicans.

Is it because these (typically) white gun grabbers find hundreds of dead Hispanics to be an acceptable amount of “collateral damage” in their hopes of awarding Obama a second term, so he can continue or even expand his “under the radar” gun control efforts?

Or is it even more basic than racism and politics? Are Brady, CSGV, and MAIG worried that if they speak out about this violence, committed by their greatest champions, that they checks that progressives write to them to keep them afloat will stop coming. In the end, that must be it. The Brady bunch, CSGV, and MAIG all talk a good game about wanting to end gun violence, but what they want more is to continue soaking up up the money that comes from blood dancing.

It’s a nice way to earn a living, if you’re willing to prostitute your soul.

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