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Sounds like murder to me

Written By: Bob - Mar• 17•12

I’ve followed the George Zimmerman shooting of Trayvon Martin in Sanford, Florida, without issuing an opinion about the incident until now.

Martin, a wispy 17 year-old-black teen, was walking to the home he was staying in after going to the convenience store for a bag of candy and a Coke. George Zimmerman, a self-appointed neighborhood watch captain, stalked Martin from his car, and then well, you can read the rest.

It seems self-evident from the 911 tapes that he was psyching himself up to justify a confrontation.┬áZimmerman initiated the confrontation by leaving his vehicle. He then asks us to believe–absent any living witness to conflict with him–that a teen some 100 lbs lighter than him started a fight, and that Zimmerman “had” to shoot the kid in self defense. Does anyone by Zimmerman’s father–and an apparently incompetent Sanford PD–buy Zimmerman’s claim this was a justifiable case of self defense?

I’ll admit that I do not know the idiosyncrasies of Florida law, but if an armed person initiates a conflict, then uses that conflict as an excuse to draw his weapon and kill the person he confronted, that sounds a lot like murder in my book. No wonder Martin’s parents are furious that the Sanford PD hasn’t filed charges against Zimmerman.

In light of the just released 911 tapes, which suggest Martin plead for his life before Zimmerman fired a second, killing shot, both Zimmerman and the Sanford PD better prepare for very expensive civil rights cases, and hope that a vigilante doesn’t act to correct a perceived injustice as some have already threatened.

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  1. Miguel says:

    We are getting most of the details via a Media that has already concluded that Zimmerman should be sent to the Needle so I am wary and I am reserving judgement till the facts are all released.

    Martin is shown everywhere in pictures when he was a pre teen. It took three days to finally come out that he was actually 6′ 3″ tall which kinda disputes the fact that he was only 140lbs. According to several height-weight tables I checked, 140lbs means he was undernourished by 40lbs to 60lbs.
    The screams is a false flag. If a person is not watching, one cannot determine who they belong. Pitch and tone change considerably under stress and strenuous physical activity. The witnesses heard the scream but no one has said “I saw Martin scream.”

    Zimmerman is going to trail, no doubt in that, but it is more because of the pressure put on the authorities than on any real evidence presented. Is he guilty of something? In my opinion probably he is, but he will not get a fair trial unless it is held somewhere in the Sahara.
    Just my 2 cents.

    • Bob says:

      The kid has an ectomorphic frame, he’d be undernourished as a mesomorph. I was quite healthy at the same height/weight when I got married at 25.

      You can’t call the scream a “false flag” as that implies it was faked or staged. The father listened to the audio enhanced version and claimed to recognize his son’s voice screaming between shots. He gets the benefit of the doubt in what to me sounds like an execution.

    • Sean says:

      It’s a sad fact, living in a gang banger ridden neighborhood as I do, that depending on the time of year and the temp, a hoodie hits one of the peg markers on my ‘up to no good meter’ that meter is generally right. Just out of curiosity, since you live down in Florida Miguel….what was the temp that day?

  2. Bob, I’ve got to agree with Miguel. The linked article is strong on emotion and supposition, but short on actual facts. Police have found no credible evidence to contradict Zimmerman’s claim that Martin was the aggressor.

    This case will go down as an example of how-not-to-run-a-Neighborhood-Watch, and Zimmerman may still be held accountable (even if only financially) and it is the firearms community that is the most critical of Zimmerman’s actions. That said, though it may produce a poor outcome, our justice system will likely produce the correct one.

  3. Chris says:

    While I am still willing to look at evidence (not the stuff printed by the MSM) I have to question Zimmerman’s continuing to follow the person who was later shot. The person was in public, not inside a house. There is nothing to suggest that the person shot had been engaged in any direct action that would harm person or property at the time that Zimmerman started following him. There isn’t a CHL instructor in my acquaintance who would get on the stand and testify that he advised his students to take such an action. In fact I think to a man they would all testify that they taught the opposite as part of conflict avoidance.

    • Bob says:

      Bingo. In the video put out by the NC Justice Academy that they make you watch as part of your CCH class, they have videotaped scenarios and very strong admonition that the armed CCH permit holder cannot be the aggressor/instigator as he clearly was in this confrontation. He went looking for trouble, manufactured it, and killed a kid that did nothing more than get a snack.

      • Miguel says:

        When you said “manufactured” you are implying previous planning which I disagree. This case sounds more like gross stupidity with macho ego and heat of the moment.

        And again, we are going with what the media is saying, not the facts of the case. Media is in the NEWS business not in the TRUTH business.

  4. I would take anything written in the MSM about gun owners with a whole lot of salt. These are the people who are basically ignoring Gunwalker, and you expect that they will give a fair accounting of the actions of a concealed carrier?

    I think we will have to trust that the police will get to the bottom of it. It’s not an ideal solution to trust the police, but I would trust them long before I trusted the media.

    • Chris says:

      I don’t take anything at MSM face value, but generally quotations from 911 calls are often as close to accurate as possible. Zimmerman says to the 911 operator that he is following and he is told to break off before the shooting takes place.

      I am not basing my opinion on anything other than Zimmerman’s own words saying that he was following and the directive to not follow. Unless there is some evidence that he had direct knowledge that the person shot was engaged in or about to engage in a crime against person or property then he had no reason to continue following. He had been directed by higher authority to discontinue pursuit.

      As a citizen if you contact law enforcement, as Zimmerman did, and they direct you to not pursue then you better have a very clear reason why you don’t follow their orders. Zimmerman may be within his rights to continue to follow but he does so at risk to his own case. If he had not pursued against orders there would not now be a dead body on the deck.

      That’s a serious level of responsibility. I don’t know about you but I would like to think that I would have a damn good reason for disobeying law enforcement and then employing deadly force.

    • “I would trust them long before I trusted the media.”

      I distrust them both equally.

  5. emdfl says:

    I’ll believe what the media is reporting when we see photos of the 17y/o who was beating Zimmernman on the ground rather than the photos of that innocent 12-13y/o football player.
    What’s going to make this fun to watch is that it just came out that Zimmmerman is apparently “hispanic”. So no more whiteonblackhatecrime meme for the moment.
    Oh yeah and Martin had been brought down to visit his mother to get him away from the gangbanger influence up north.

  6. Zimmerman wouldn’t have gotten into a fight if he hadn’t left his car. Leaving his car was the act that suspended his claim to self defense.