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Was Trayvon Martin a drug dealer?

Written By: Bob - Mar• 26•12

I’ve been blogging since late 2004 and I’ve spent a considerable amount of time debunking media myths and misinformation over that time period. You would think after the faked atrocities, staged outrages, and in-kind contributions I’ve uncovered that I’d be immune from the mainstream media’s manipulative mindset.

In the case of the Trayvon Martin shooting, I’m beginning to believe that I let my guard down and that I allowed myself to get fooled by them again.

The media, his family, his family’s lawyers, politicians, gun-grabbers, and professional racists have a vested interest in portraying the Trayvon Martin as an almost virginal sacrifice on the alter of Racist White Violence. In this narrative, Trayvon is shown as a much younger child with a chubby, baby-fat filled face. He is portrayed as minding his own business, just a kind who wanted a snack who was stalked and shot down in cold blood by a crazed white man who got away with murder.

But we’re learning more about Trayvon Martin that deflates his mythology a bit. He was not a small cherubic kid as the old photos portray, but instead was a solid 6’2″ football playing man-child in far better shape than most adults. We also know that he was on a 10-day school suspension at the time he was killed, even though his family’s attorney has sealed the record so that we don’t exactly know why (Update: Suspension was tied to marijuana) .

This morning, Pat Dollard proved yet again that you can’t hide from Google, and uncovered tracks to both Martin’s disturbing Facebook and Twitter history that lingers on well after the young man died.

I’ll ask you to read the compiled evidence for yourself, and make your own decisions. I refuse to jump to any more conclusions in regards to this case, and I will not be drawn into the witch-hunt that seems designed to score a political victory instead of seeking justice.

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  1. Tom J says:

    I don’t see this as relevant to the only important question … who escalated the encounter into one of violence?

  2. Martin looks like he was heading down the wrong path. Doesn’t change and of the facts of that night, especially the fact that Zimmerman had no business confronting him when he wasn’t doing anything illegal and when the cops were already on their way.

    • Bob says:

      This is where I’m seeing a disconnect in the narratives. Martin’s backers–who were not there and don’t know what actually occurred any more than we do–are the ones that claim Zimmerman confronted Martin. Zimmerman’s statement to the police is that Martin was the aggressor, attacking Zimmerman from behind, punching him, and slamming his head into the concrete.

      The physical evidence at the scene suggests that Zimmerman’s explanation is more plausible than Martin’s.

      I wonder if police collected evidence on Martin–perhaps bruised or skinned up knuckles–that would further corroborate this explanation of events.

  3. NevadaSteve says:

    With Jesse and Al jumping into this and with the New Black Panthers offering $10,000 for Zimmerman’s ‘capture’ I would say this is just about ripe for some kind of Obama moment. Never let a crisis go to waste, doncha know? You know if Holder gets all involved in this the papers will cover it even more assiduously and that means Fast and Furious will be slow and sedate from then on. Coverup, thy name is liberalism.

  4. Sherry says:

    The tatoos were not apparent to Zimmerman, Martin was wearing a hoodie with long sleeves. On the day Martin was murdered, he was on his way from the store after buying products, he was not selling anything. Martin’s height and fashion choice should not dictate his freedom or justice. What ever the CHILD wrote on the Internet was not accessed before he was shot by Zimmerman. The practice of posthumus character assassination of the victim reflects poorly upon the author.

    • Bob says:

      Sherry, character assassination works both ways. Zimmerman’s character has been under assault for weeks, even his race has been distorted in an attempt to create a narrative. You are of course correct that Martin’s tattoos were not visible, and the 911 call from Zimmerman shows that his race was obscured as well; he was unable to provide Martin’s race to the 911 dispatcher when the call was initiated.

      Freedom and justice only works when applied to everyone. While Martin has the right to walk where he wants, Zimmerman and the people of that community have a right to protect their homes. After a rash of break-ins, Zimmerman had every right to call police when he saw an unfamiliar figure doing what appeared to him to be casing houses for potential robbery. Martin has every right to defend himself, but only if actually attacked. Truth and justice only works if applied to everyone. The media and many others that have allied themselves with the Martin family that seem to have only revenge on their minds.

      Where is the freedom and justice in that?

  5. garfish says:

    This is all just Sandra Fluke chapter Two. The president’s numbers are sagging with women: Hello Sandra Fluke. The president’s numbers are sagging with blacks: Hello Trayvon Martin. That’s why CNN is working so hard to make this an issue. It’s all about the prez’s numbers and it’s all coordinated.

  6. “I’m beginning to believe that I let my guard down and that I allowed myself to get fooled by them again.”

    I am glad you are changing your mind. This is why I told you face to face on Saturday (Appleseed!!) that I thought you were wrong to throw Zimmerman under the bus. Remember the golden rule of gunnies. No one gets thrown off the bus.

    I don’t care if you are a FUD who only likes bolt action hunting rifles, you don’t get thrown off the bus. People accused of high crimes and misdemeanors in the court of public opinion don’t get thrown off the bus either.

    The standard is always the same. Prove the case in a court of law, or that person is innocent. The thought that the police would do a crappy investigation, and then decide to let a hispanic guy go because they really didn’t care that he’d shot a black kid just doesn’t make sense.

    Now we know why that story didn’t make sense. It’s because it was totally untrue.

    The moral of the story is don’t allow yourself to be fooled by the mass media blindly repeating lies spoon fed to them by the gun grabbers and the race baiters. Await further information and an actual indictment at least.

  7. emdfl says:

    Drug dealer? Naaahh; more likely a burgler. Along with the maryjane residue they also found a pile of women’s jewelery in his “bookbag”.
    NOT that this should influence this particular situation. Well, other then make it more likely that Zim’s statement is what actually happened.

  8. rumcrook says:

    update it again police report says trayvon was found with womens jewelry and what was described as burglary tools.

    that is the suspension

  9. Conniption Fitz says:

    The first call George Zimmerman made to 911/police dispatcher said he had seen someone who was acting strangely/suspiciously and appeared to be on drugs.