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The saddest truth in politics is that people get the leaders they deserve

Why Sandra Fluke, the Left’s new Cindy Sheehan, doesn’t matter

Written By: Bob - Mar• 06•12

Poor Sandra Fluke.

First, she wasn’t allowed to testify at a House Oversight committee hearing entitled “Lines Crossed: Separation of Church and State. Has the Obama Administration Trampled on Freedom of Religion and Freedom of Conscience?” The panel was comprised entirely of clergymen, asked to speak as expert witnesses as to how Obamacare is running roughshod over the First Amendment rights of religious institutions and religious individuals. Poor Sandra was excluded because she isn’t a rabbi, priest, imam, or minister.

So unfair!

Then, when Fluke spoke in front of Democrats only in a showboating exhibition of her far left values, she got caught blatantly lying about the cost of contraception. After that, her background as a far left political activist was outed, damaging the image Democrats had created about her as a typical college student, further undermining her credibility.

Her lie exposed and her credibility damaged, she was derided on the political right while being paraded as the new standard bearer of the”absolute moral authority” card by the left. A fat guy with a radio mike ripped into Fluke, calling her a bunch of names that feminists themselves chose  to adopt, and were in fact far milder than terms that feminists accepted–and still accept–without objection. Nonetheless, they took offense.

It’s all quite confusing.

And so, while she is a useful tool for those on the far left to push her agenda, Sandra Fluke will be celebrated as a secular Joan-of-Arc. Then, when her radicalism is exposed, her bizarre ideas made known and are then rejected by a disgusted American public, she’ll be discarded.

It’s just the way things are. She’ll be airbrushed out of the public consciousness, like the other disposable heroes of the Stalinist left.

It’s harsh, but expected of a cabal that promotes murdering their young.

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  1. Mike C says:

    Originally, Barry Lynn was supposed to testify to Issa with the (D) message. He was told not to make the trip, and the (D) tried to insert Fluke, knowing full well the deadline to change a speaker had passed. So, it was the (D)’s poor planning which led to Issa’s refusal to admit her testimony. This was an intentional ploy by the (D) who used the “snub” to hold a dog and pony show with Ms Fluke. When you reveal some of the player’s in this whole controversy, over 30 cent/day oral contraception, it reveals all kinds of possibilities:
    Tepper & Stephanopoulos-both worked with the (D) party now at ABC, Tepper asked Santorum if “states can write laws to outlaw contraception”, a few days before the debate…if Santorum says yes, he gets hammered as a misogynist, if he says no…”don’t you think states rights are a huge issue for conservatives”…no win answer..notice he didn’t ask if religious institutions should be able to opt out of contraception using their conscience clause??
    Stephanopoulos-asks Romney the same during a debate…Romney dismisses it as ridiculous
    Tepper has covered the row between Biden, Panetta & Obama regarding the mandate
    I detect some inside baseball between POTUS/ABC/DNC in an effort to control the narrative…
    It would be interesting to know if Tepper/Stephanopoulos knew of Fluke and her proposed testimony in the days leading up to the Florida GOP Primary

  2. Rick says:

    I’ve read the transcript. I don’t get where she was “caught blatantly lying about the cost of contraception”.

    “Without insurance coverage, contraception, as you know, can cost a woman over $3,000 during law school… “

    Her “testimony” revolved around prescription contraception. Mainly birth control pills, as she pointed out, also have additional medical benefits. A large majority of the pills, without insurance, run $75 – $100 a month. $75 * 36 = $2,700, $100 * 36 = $3,600, so $3,000 is a decent average.

    One of the main points Ms. Fluke raised, that I agree with, is that I don’t want insurance administrators over-riding the care my doctor prescribes. It doesn’t differ much from a state run health care panel eventually deciding if a treatment to save a life is just too expensive (seems like I’ve heard that argument somewhere…).

    The whole, if she’s using $3,000 worth of condoms a year she’s a whore, slut, etc… is silly; but sadly shows what we’ve devolved to in regards to political discourse in our society.

    Granted, the democrats went about it the wrong way. They should have brought in Warren Jeffs to talk about how his religious freedoms were trampled upon. Or perhaps cited how Allah took a child bride. And other examples of how our society has deemed portions of religious doctrine to be outside of the societal norm and thus not covered by the first amendment.

    Republicans are using this as a rallying cry / proof that President Obama hates Christianity. Democrats are trying to show how much conservatives hate women. Both sides are grasping at the extremes and look like morons to those of us in the middle.

    The willingness of both sides to slaughter anyone with a differing opinion is opposite of democracy’s intended purpose. Sadly its become the norm of politics in today’s USA. There’s more civil discourse on a kindergarten playground during a dodge ball game than in American politics.

    We’ve reached a sad damned state in politics when Rosanne Barr looks like a rational candidate.

  3. Swami says:

    Rush was way off base comparing Fluke to a prostitute and claiming Fluke wants to be paid to have sex.

    It’s clearly not true. Sandra Fluke does not want other to pay her to have sex.

    She merely wants others reimburse her expenses.

  4. Sean says:

    Wrong Rick, you can get them for MUCH cheaper..I found at least one that I recognized by it’s scientific/medical designation that is available on the Walmart $4 for one month, $10 for 3 months, generic. Walgreens has 2 of them on their program for $12 a month programs. Same drugs +1 more… at CVS you can get a 90 day supply of for less than $30. Target, $4/$10 3 different drugs. Wegmans, Schnucks, Rite Aid, Kroger, Giant Eagle, Giant Food…just a partial list of stores with Generic drug programs. Where you can get a years worth of those drugs for as little as $40 for THE YEAR, or $120 over the course of a 3yr JD lawschool degree. Yes, drugs CAN cost more…if you’re TRULY worried about cost ASK YHOUR DOCTOR ABOUT GENERICS and if you can use a generic instead! If you can’t use generics there are cheaper drugs that AREN’T generic.
    Women can get the pill through agencies and clinics like Planned Parenthood for a top end of around $45-50 a month or roughly HALF the cost [at the top end] of what Fluke claims.

    If you’re going to say those generics are on the list because their older meds…Uhm…dude, OLD doesn’t mean ineffective. Far from it. Penicillin has been in use for how long now? Oh yeah, since it’s discovery 84yrs ago! Take the false pity party and go else where Rick. Oh and if Obama and the democrats don’t hate christians? Why are they willing to kow tow to the muslims and not say bad things about them in public, but those same democrats feel free to make vicious attacks against those of christian faiths…REPEATED?! Democrats make this assumption that the people are too stupid to fend for themselves. Some can’t. Buy and large those who can’t vote democrat, so government can be mommy and daddy to them, so they don’t have to take any responsibility for their own lives. That is all. Good bye.

  5. Rick says:

    How many of the generics on the lists you mentioned are prescribed for the treatment of polycystic ovarian syndrome? Again, I’m not a doctor, so I’m not sure (from what I could find none of those on Walmart or Wallgreens were acceptable treatments due to the types of hormones used).

    I’ll spell it out again (slowly this time). One of the main points is that it is a horrid idea to have any administrative board, especially one that is there to maximize the profits of their organization, over-riding the treatment prescribed by doctors. Its a very slippery slope. Its been argued, here or on CY I believe, that this could very well lead to “death panels” deciding who receives what treatments.

    So again I’ll state one of my original points. I don’t get where she was “caught blatantly lying about the cost of contraception”. Are there less expensive methods yes, but, using your example, there are a great many of us that can’t take Penicillin or its derivatives (unless we think death is an acceptable alternative to taking a different anti-biotic); which leaves us with taking, often times, name brand alternatives.

    In other words, yes, Ms. Fluke should have given a range of $100 – $3,000 a year, instead of a finite number. But that’s far from a blatant lie.

    Up next… I think its a pretty decent decision for us not to give Muslims an excuse for what they perceive as “retaliation” while our troops are in harm’s way. Part of dealing with extremists is knowing not to give them a reason to walk in to a crowded area and pull the detonation cord on their bomb vest. I may be wrong, but I don’t remember President Bush publicly bashing too many Muslims either…

    The lumping of all Democrats in as Anti-Christian is the epitome of what is wrong with Politics. The two previous pastors at my church were both Democrats. Its blanket statements and the inability of “hard liners” on both sides of the isle to work with each other that’s the major issue. There’s no compromise and it agitates those of us in the middle.

    Democrats make this assumption that the people are too stupid to fend for themselves. Some can’t. Buy and large those who can’t vote democrat, so government can be mommy and daddy to them, so they don’t have to take any responsibility for their own lives. That is all.

    Thanks for proving my point and making Rosanne look sane…

    You didn’t even touch how this is different disavowing polygamy or any other “religious freedoms” we’ve deemed detrimental to society…

    Aside: Did you really cite Planned Parenthood as as source? The organization many vocal Social Conservatives want to de-fund because of Planned Parenthood’s fondness for murdering the unborn.

  6. Indigo Red says:

    The Georgetown policy does not cover: “b) Birth control and/or contraceptives, oral or other, whether medication or device; except as specifically provided in the policy…”

    The policy exception is when “the pill” is prescribed for conditions treatable with the “the pill” other than contraception. Fluke’s alleged lesbian friend with the uterine problem would be fully covered under the policy.

    Would there be this outsized “outrage” if men were to testify before Congress that the Georgetown health policy does not cover “f) Drugs used to treat or cure baldness…”?

    Read the policy for yourselves:

  7. Sean says:

    In reverse order

    1.Yes as a matter of fact I did site Planned Parenthood as a source…for prices of contraceptives because they do sell em.

    2. Actually, I don’t have that huge a problem with a polygamy so long as it’s between consenting adults and they’ve worked out how they feel about it and if it works for them. I know several small groups that are poly amorous. They’re good people.

    3.Since you don’t know me and haven’t read my own blogs[this is the first time we’ve crossed s/words, unless you’re the same Rick I’ve tangled with over on gun Free Zone] So…let me clarify. I have never claimed to be sane. It’s a running joke with my friends that I haven’t been sane for a long time.

    4. Hmmm, yeah that was a blanket statement. Perhaps I should have specified democrat politicians, and far left activists[which Madame Fluke most certainly is.] since I’d like to either drown or fire into the sun, every single one of them. Okay maybe half a dozen or thereabouts would be exempt from that, politician wise, but by and large…nahh.

    5. I don’t really think the Muslims[yeah there I go making a blanket statement again] really need that much of an excuse. They’ve been at war with the world at large and each other for the last couple thousand years. *shrug* that’s tribalism for you. Afghanistan such as it is, “our problem”, because our politicians dropped the ball after we drove out the Soviets. That however is an entirely separate discussion.

    6. Call it a lie of Omission then and twisting the facts to suit her agenda. As far as costs go…AGAIN it can be had cheaper than you think. I’ve got a link to a website where they’ve got a list of various birth control drugs and various prices, depending on whether it’s generic, name brand etc.

    7. Agreed, not all are likely to be suitable for say treating cystic ovaries. Again though…if you don’t ASK if it’s possible to get it cheaper through a generic, you’ll never know and if you ARE spending too much when there is a generic available that you CAN use, that won’t hurt you of course…you have only yourself to blame for not asking.

    8. I don’t believe her numbers on the percentages she mentioned because polls are so easily manipulated by how you word the question. Or what question you ask period.

    9. She went to religious run school BECAUSE of that Religously run school’s policy with the stated intention of trying to get it to change that policy to suit HER mores and ideas. Yeah…THAT was gonna happen.