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Take a life or lose a life: George Zimmerman’s options

Written By: Bob - Mar• 27•12

A commenter made the observation yesterday that posthumous character assassination is unfair. I tend to agree. It is wrong to unfairly malign someone when they have passed and cannot defend themselves. That said, a person’s death does not confer sainthood, especially when how that person died may affect how other people may live.

George Zimmerman has his character assassinated in the media in the past weeks,  as the neighborhood watch volunteer’s shooting of a teen was transformed into a narrative about a white paranoid racist with an itchy trigger finger gunning down an innocent black boy named Trayon Martin who was doing nothing more than walking home with a snack. To complete the image, the media provided pictures of a disheveled Zimmerman, and an angelic Martin from when he was younger and almost cherubic in appearance. It was “beauty and the beast,” and the media were bringing out the torches and pitchforks to kill the beast they’d created.

But real life isn’t like fiction, even if that fiction is presented as fact by news readers and journalists looking to sell profitable stories to prop up dying mediums.

As more facts emerge, George Zimmerman’s early portrayal as a white racist has been blunted by the reality that Zimmerman is multiracial himself, and is part of an even more multiracial family and circle of friends.

The harmless, innocent, nearly angelic portrayal of Trayvon Martin has now been eroded by the facts surrounding his own death where witness testimony and physical evidence suggests that he, not Zimmerman, may have initiated the contact that upgraded the confrontation into assault, and then assault with a deadly weapon as he allegedly smashed Zimmerman’s head repeatedly into the concrete.

If those are the true facts of the case, then Zimmerman merely killed Martin before Martin murdered or maimed him. This is the version of events that the physical evidence of the case supports, and why he was not arrested by the Sanford Police Department.

So who is the real Trayvon Martin? He wasn’t the saint the media portrayed, but a 6’2″ high school football player in the prime of physical shape, that hung around with the wrong kids and got in a lot of trouble.

Florida teenager Trayvon Martin was allegedly suspended from school after security officers found what they described as a ‘burglary tool’ and women’s jewellery in his backpack.

Although the school officially suspended Trayvon in October for grafitti, after he and some friends wrote ‘W.T.F.’ on a school locker, the Miami Herald claims that the real reason was that he was caught with a ‘burglary tool’ – a flathead screwdriver – and 12 items of jewellery. Martin insisted that they did not belong to him.

Trayvon was kicked out of school a total of three times, according to the documents: First for truancy and tardiness, then in October for the graffiti and finally in February after he was found with a ‘marijuana pipe’ and an empty baggie with traces of marijuana.

George Zimmerman was no villain. Trayvon Martin was no innocent. And the stories crafted to portray them as these archetypes were lies that the media have created to turn a profit through outrage. In the end, the media’s interest in this is two-fold. Their primary interest is controversy, because eyeballs sells advertising. It’s all about the money. Their secondary interest is promoting their belief system, which tends to coincide heavily with the ideals and (im)morals of the Democratic Party.

I highly suspect that at the end of the witch hunt, we’ll discover that this story, like thousands each year that are not blown up into full-fledged media spectacles,  is the very human story of intense emotions, miscommunications, and sudden violence where there “right” and “wrong” is an academic determination to be made later about a deadly conflict in which death for one or the other man seemed certain.

As more facts come out to upend the media narrative, it becomes every more plausible to believe that once Trayvon Martin downed George Zimmerman after having words with him, and then began pounding his head into the pavement, that Zimmerman have every right to defend himself against what could easily be regarded as assault with a deadly weapon with intent to kill. He may have had reason to fear that his life was in danger. The single shot he fired was to preserve his own life, not to necessarily take the life of the man attacking him. He called for help. No one answered. He did what he thought he had to do to survive.

Now, put yourself in his shoes.

Imagine seeing a stranger in your neighborhood, walking through the rain, taking actions you regard as “casing” homes in the same neighborhood that has suffered a rash of burglaries. Imagine you trailed the suspicious person as you called the authorities, and tried to keep him in sight so that the police can find and talk with him. Imagine that you made the decision to get out of your car to try to keep the suspicious character in your line of sight, only to have him double back and confront you. After a heated conversation, he punches you in the face,  breaking your nose and knocking you to the pavement.

He then leaps on top of you, pounding your head into the pavement. You shout, pleading for help. No one answers. You feel the blood flowing from the back of your head, and streaming from your shattered nose down your throat, choking you. You fear for your life. You have a small pistol in holster on your belt. You fear you are about to be beaten to death. You have the means to stop it.

At the end of the day, broken and bleeding on the ground, being pummeled by a high school football player that has mounted him and seems intent on fracturing his skull by bashing it repeatedly into the pavement,  George Zimmerman had two options. Do you just let yourself die at the hands of a stranger? Or do you fight for the life God gave you?

All else is just noise.

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  1. You know what it really is? It’s a distraction.

  2. Also, I disagree with your summation. Zimmerman’s first option was to not get out of the car in the first place.

  3. Georg Felis says:

    The question remains: “How much must a concealed carry permit owner permit themselves to be beaten before it becomes permissible to use their gun to stop the attacker?”

    The answer according to the media appears to be: About five minutes after you have been beaten to death, and of course you must hand the attacker an engraved notification of your impending actions and await their response. And that still gives the police a half-hour to arrive afterwards.
    All teenagers think they are immortal, that their conduct will not come back to bite them, which is the reason the programs for MADD/DARE/teenage pregnancy prevention/et al have such lousy results. The rule applies to thugs too, the civilians they attack of course can’t possibly be armed or fight back, the drugs they take can’t possibly kill them or screw up their lives. Sometimes they are wrong. Far more often than we would like.

  4. van6570 says:

    Let me first say that I have followed your writing for a few months now and tend to agree with you most of the time, or at least believe you base your opinions of factual evidence rather than the emotional route to which many others often resort. In this instance I must disagree with the either/or scenario you have presented as your summation of the events.
    Neighborhood watch organizations can be beneficial to protecting the safety of the individuals in the community and their property. And you will never hear me argue against conceal and carry. (As an aside, the only reason that I do not have a conceal carry license is because I live in the final bastion of idiocy that does not allow them. [Illinois]) However, being a neighborhood watch member with a CCW does not make you a police officer.
    I have no problem with what Zimmerman did up to the point of leaving his vehicle. Don’t get me wrong, I am not saying Martin played no part in the events ofif that evening, if the new details coming out are indeed factual. Having been a seventeen year old football player not too terribly long ago I can remember how easy it is for even small incidents to set you off. Thankfully, I never bounced someone’s head off the concrete but there we’re several instances in which friends would get into fights simply because there was just too much testosterone floating around. The crux of my line of thinking is that if you can avoid a situation in which you may have to fight for your life that is much more preferable to the events that unfolded that night.
    Martin is dead, that cannot be changed. Zimmerman, regardless of what happens legally, will carry the weight of that killing with him the rest of his life along with the stigma of the surrounding controversy. The biggest tragedy of this event was that it was completely avoidable.
    Keep up the good writing Bob. I look forward to your continued analysis of this story and especially your continued vigilance o try the Fast and Furious travesty.

  5. Chief661 says:

    @Van – You don’t know what happened and Bob’s scenario is as plausible as any I’ve read or could have constructed myself from what is known. The MSM paints Trayvon as a “kid” on his way home from the store with candy and a drink. Right. I don’t wish to cast aspersions upon him or anyone involved, but from what is out in the public domain he was a troublemaker, a thug and a likely a burglar and he was also likely the aggressor. I walk and bike home from a train station here in the Bay Area and while doing so I see these types of “kids” on the train and on the street all the time; knowing, in the back of my mind, that we have a myriad of ADW’s and B&E’s in the area by people fitting their general description and I tell you that I am in fear because in CA you can’t get a CCW to protect yourself. Even if I did, God forbid that I shoot one of the “little angels” in self defense during an attack. I would be crucified regardless of whether I did everything correct before using deadly force. That is what is going on here and I will continue to believe that, race baiters like BHO, Al Sharpton and Jessie Jackson notwithstanding; until proven otherwise.

    • van6570 says:

      You are correct Chief, I do not know what happened. My point, which I may not have articulated as well as I may have liked, is that this did not have to become a kill or be killed scenario. I believe that if Zimmerman had stayed in his vehicle this would not have happened. The vehicle offered a physical barrier to assuslt and an ash means of escape in the event of an attack. To me, the purpose of conceal carry is to defend yourself but this must work hand in glove with making smart decisions. I believe getting out of the vehicle was a poor decision on Zimmerman’s part because it introduced the possibility of coming face to face with an unknown person who he believed could be some sort of threat. I have no idea what was said between the two when they met. Martin is dead and Zimmerman appears to have been hit hard enough to knock him to the ground and subsequently had his ahead bounced of the concrete so that conversation may always be a bit of a question mark. Martin likely had every opportunity to walk away and did not if the new details coming out are factual. If Zimmerman’s version of the story is correct and Martin launched an attack that led Zimmerman to believe his life was in danger by all means defend yourself with any means at your disposal. It was simply my point that different decisions by both parties would have prevented this from ever occurring. Believe me when I say that the “professional racial moral authority” has absolutely no influence on my opponions or perspective. I live in a rural area that has a very low crime rate so my point of view is likely quite a bit different from yours since I very rarely feel in danger in my everyday surroundings. It is a shame that the fools in your state prevent you from conceal carry. They must be related to the idiots in Chicago that keep all the normal people in the rest of the state from

      • van6570 says:

        (Accidental premature posting, to finish my thought. ) being able to protect themselves when out in public.

  6. Chief661 says:

    @Van Thanks much for the reply and clarification. I understand your point. IMO there is way too much we do not know about what transpired to really take a firm position. Much will depend on how/why the interaction was initiated and how both Trayvon and Mr. Zimmerman responded. If I was a betting man I would venture to bet that Mr. Zimmerman questioned Trayvon’s reason to be in the gated community as part of his NW effort from the vehicle. Again, not wanting to denigrate someone I do not know, but based on my experience with young people of Trayvon’s age, race, etc., his reaction would not have been positive. I am thinking Trayvon made some type of strong verbal threat followed shortly by a physical response to being “dissed” in the vernacular, by Mr. Zimmerman and he then exited the vehicle to respond. This ended up with Trayvon dead and Mr. Zimmerman injured. My point is that sometimes you cannot avoid or evade a defense of your person by simple means. Back home I did have a CCW and I know how I would have handled this, but that doesn’t necessarily mean Mr. Zimmerman was wrong or not justified in using deadly force. The thing that stinks is he is being tried in the court of public opionion by the race baiters as a racist and that all non-blacks are racist. This thug culture, brought on by a break down of the family unit, which I trace back to LBJ and his “Great Society” is the root cause of this tragedy. I look forward to leaving here to go home (PA) and taking up residence in a rural area. I am tired of the city and liberal run hell holes.

  7. UnAmbiguousAmerican says:

    Very well written. Solid, factual, logical, and rational.

    Which is the opposite of the people benefitting from this.

    If this one conspiracy implodes as badly as it going to, how long do we have until they make another one?