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Associated Press “forgets” inconvenient part of Zimmerman story

Written By: Bob - Apr• 11•12

In a story by Associated Press writer Kyle Hightower, the news network seems to have purposefully omitted a detail that would undermine the mainstream media’s attempt to lynch George Zimmerman, the neighborhood watch captain that shot Trayvon Martin.

See if you can spot what’s missing.

Eddie Jones, a 58-year-old black man and lifelong resident of Sanford, said Zimmerman’s arrest is paramount to keeping the protests peaceful.

“They need to go ahead and arrest this guy before something happens,” he said. “Sanford is screwed up. This place just didn’t get corrupt.”

While tensions are high, some think this city of about 53,000 — around 57 percent white and 30 percent black — will come through the crisis without violence, as it did during similar uproars.

Two years ago, after a black homeless man was beaten by the son of a Sanford policeman, passions soon cooled. The assailant, Justin Collison, initially wasn’t charged but eventually was arrested after footage of the episode went viral on YouTube. He pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor and received probation.

Do you give up?

The “black homeless man” in the previous scandal was Sherman Ware. do you want to take a wild guess who led the charge to bring the policeman’s son to justice?

Was it Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, the NAACP, or Barack Obama claiming that “if he had a son”  he’s look like Ware? Absolutely not. The effort to bring Justin Collison to justice was spearheaded by none other than George Zimmerman.

Funny how a major news organization could miss such a well-documented detail. It’s like they didn’t want to muddy the narrative with facts…

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  1. DooDooEcon says:

    Excellent job uncovering the truth

  2. datechguy says:

    The problem with reporting the truth is one you start people expect you to do it all the time

  3. red sweater says:

    My goodness. The remarkable Zimmerman connection to that past case should be the most prominent fact anytime that case is mentioned, but especially if it’s in a news story ABOUT ZIMMERMAN!

    This isn’t negligence. It’s plain to see. The guardians of “truth” are actively engaged in obfuscating to spin a false narrative.

    • Sean says:

      Those halfwit hacks haven’t been the “guardians of truth” in a couple decades. *snort*

  4. Sarge says:

    One other little detail they “forgot” to mention:

    No one should ever be arrested unless there is sufficient evidence that they have actually committed a crime &/or are a continuing danger to the community… no matter how many people ‘demand’ it, regardless of their color.

  5. Just Me says:

    Actually, they left out 2 things. The other is: “around 57 percent white and 30 percent black”.

    What are the other 13%? Might they be hispanic?

  6. PTL says:

    If you want honesty in journalism you are more likely to find it in Pravda than in the MSM organs.

  7. Gregmag says:

    This is indeed an interesting fact. But I’m at a loss to see how it relates to the Martin shooting. Your dig at Obama’s comment about Martin suggests that you see the case as an outlet for your preexisting ideological commitments. In fairness, you have plenty of company on the right and left in that regard. But a lot of us — more of us on the left, I think — just want the case investigated thoroughly and, if the investigation supports this course of action, prosecuted thoroughly.

    • NevadaSteve says:

      I’m late to the party with this comment but I was too pissed before to reply, it would have just been one long rant about the arrogance on display in your post.

      You are obviously at a loss do see how it relates to the shooting because of your liberal bias – I’ll attempt to keep it civil because you were.

      It is related because the article was about the response in the community to the shooting. Further the article itself referenced a situation where George Zimmerman went out of his way to help bring justice to a black victim of a beating. The article did not mention Zimmerman was the person who helped bring justice to the situation. It is a big deal because it highlights the liberal media went out of its way to present the facts in a way calculated to present George Zimmerman in the worst light possible, not in a balanced way at all.

      You posit that liberals just want the matter investigated and if the facts support it, prosecuted. However that is almost the exact opposite of reality. The media (composed mostly of liberals) has brought on people who refer to the incident as murder and demand Zimmerman be prosecuted, not just arrested but put in jail, before any investigation was ever completed. It is overwhelmingly the conservatives who have said that if an investigation revealed wrongdoing by Zimmerman, he should be prosecuted but not until then.

      The facts that are publicly known support Zimmerman’s reported statements about the incident more than those by Martin’s ‘supporters’.

      You may believe that “more on the left” are objective about this but this article sure isn’t support for that position, and your response is confirmation to conservatives that “There are none so blind as those who will not see.”

  8. guffaw says:

    Linked, copied and attributed! Thanks! For reporting facts, not judiciously-edited opinion!

  9. anon says:

    The liberal/progressive press see this as their chance to roll back Stand Your Ground laws. They go on and on about the ‘duty to retreat’ and how such would have prevented the whole affair if Zimmerman had retreated when Trayvon attacked him. All pretty standard liberal/progressive propaganda so no real surprise there.

    The interesting thing to consider is that none of these stories point out the rather obvious notion that if Trayvon had exercised HIS mythical ‘duty to retreat’, then the gentle little angel would still be alive.

  10. Secesh says:

    Zimmerman has been charged with murder and I think may already be in custody.

  11. jim says:

    I have yet to see where there have been any charges filed against any members of the “New Black Panther Party” for the bounty they put out on Mr. Zimmerman. There must be a law against this, afetrall it was “Dead or Alive” wasn’t it?