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BREAKING: Zimmerman Lawyer O’Mara deposing Investigator on 2nd degree murder affidavit

Written By: Bob - Apr• 20•12

Happening now live on your cable channel of choice. Depending on how this goes, this case could be over before lunch.

I hope everyone is adequately prepared.

Updating as warranted…

  1. O’Mara is good. Has investigator is dancing around the loaded word “profiling” and the obvious implication of racial profiling that the evidence doesn’t support.
  2. O’Mara now asking why investigator’s chose to selectively quote Zimmerman from recorded police call.
  3. O’Mara now questioning investigator of when prosecution witness (Martins’ girlfriend on phone) was interviewed… five weeks after the shooting. Attempting to cast doubt on her testimony/memory.
  4. O’Mara is really ripping into the speculative nature of the affidavit, leading and “antagonistic” nature of the way it was written.
  5. O’Mara questions investigator of claim that Trayvon Martin’s mother identified the cry for help as her son. Reveals investigators did not run claim past audio expert.
  6. O’Mara points out Zimmerman volunteered to talk to Prosecutor’s Office¬† three days before arrest.


  1. Prosecutor (one of Corey’s people, not Corey herself) steps forward to depose investigator.
  2. Prosecutor claims one witness saw one person chasing another (no details in who chased who)
  3. Prosecutor attempting to shore up affidavit by asking investigators a series of confirming questions, “Isn’t it true…” Pretty much a recitation of the affidavit.
  4. O’Mara objects to use of the word “confronted” claim that Martin was “minding his own business” which the prosecution has no evidence to support. Both objections sustained.
  5. did I just heard that right? Martin’s mother never told police that the voice was her son? So, that claim isn’t evidence, is it? how did it get in the affidavit.


  1. O’Mara now cross examining.¬† Exposes that a prosecution “witness” only saw shadows, not people. Now going into fact prosecutors did not use any evidence that supported Zimmerman’s version of events.
  2. O’Mara asking if there is ANY evidence conflicting with Zimmerman’s statement given the night of the incident. Investigator is dodging like hell, trying to not answer… Finally answers “no.” GAME OVER.
  1. Prosecutor is scrambling to save case. Does not appear to be prepared for this.
  2. Judge (I think) asks about proximity of gunshot. Investigator confirms powder burns, at close range.
  3. O’Mara gets prosecutor to admit Zimmerman’s wounds, and that they were consistent with Zimmerman’s story of having his head bashed into the concrete sidewalk.
  2. Apologizes to Martin’s family for the loss of their son, says he thought he was older.
  3. Prosecutor now badgering Zimmerman for not apologizing sooner.
  4. Not a scientific measurement, but I think that prosecutor has lost every single objection, O’Mara has won every single one.

Prosecutor and Defense argue bail. Judge Lester makes determination that prior arrests were rather trivial, sets $150,000 bail.

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  1. J H in TX says:

    One question or comment – what is the purpose of the Martin family attorney? Why is he being given screen time? (I know – rhetorical questions). The further this goes the worse it looks on Martin’s family.

    • Bob says:

      As a personal injury lawyer, I suspect he exists primary so they “get paid” for Martin’s death if at all possible.

      • J H in TX says:

        Makes sense. The whole deal of trademarking the name gave me a bad taste right from the start. I have lost a loved one in a very quick, and horrific manner and it never occurred to me to trademark anything.

    • Molon Labe says:

      I imagine that would be for the inevitable civil action that will follow Zimmerman’s acquittal.

      • Wildman7316 says:

        Under Florida Law, the ONLY way that the Martin’s Lawyer is even going to be able to file a Case is if Mr. Zimmerman is Convicted.

      • SDN says:

        Actually, Wildman, look again. Zimmerman became open to civil liability as soon as he was charged. If he hadn’t been arrested, or even arrested but not charged, he would have been immune; by charging him, they add another layer of multiple jeopardy in addition to the Federal charges we all know are coming.

  2. Sean says:

    Hell if O’Mara did that much damage to the case, why didn’t the judge throw it the hell out? I find that a tad worrisome.

    • mightysamurai says:

      Florida judges are elected. The judge may have figured that if he personally threw the case out he would then be voted out, but if he allows the trial to go forward and Zimmerman is acquitted he can throw up his hands and go “Oh well, I tried, but the jury didn’t want to cooperate.”

      Disgusting I know, but that’s politics for you.

  3. VET1ID says:

    Zimmerman has a good lawyer.
    Prosecution played the garbage-in garbage-out rule.

  4. MunDane says:

    Hmm…if the lawyer gets the SYG rule to apply, there will be no civil case. That is part of the law, and Florida law limits the civil action in wrongful death suits in cases where the defendant is not convicted of the murder.

    I got an idea as to why the DA went all in. It is CYA politics. She can say, “Hey! I tried my best to get that Child Murder off the streets, but our broken legal system let him go. Vote for me.”