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Dear Summer Moody: don’t steal, moron.

Written By: Bob - Apr• 23•12

The Trayvon Martin case has been a spectacular disaster for the mainstream media. They’ve doctored evidence, all but manufactured other evidence (the “audio experts” that don’t even meet their own rudimentary standards), and have generated calls for lynchings and given grist to the idea of riots. Because of the media–not because of George Zimmerman–we are now facing one of the most racially toxic environments I can ever remember.

The paste-eating press (PEP) is slow to learn, however, and somehow thinks that trying to replicate the disaster is somehow going to be a good thing, and has tried to gin up another “innocent teen gets shot” story with the shooting of pretty white girl named Summer Moody.

The Mobile Press-Register reported that 17-year-old Summer Moody, a star high school volleyball player in Baldwin County, Ala., was shot in the head April 15 after authorities said she and three other teens were caught breaking into a fish camp early in the morning.

Three men who found the teens trespassing on the Gravine Island property admitted to firing the shots that hit Moody.

Authorities said they believe the teens — who, with the exception of Moody, have been charged with first-degree burglary — were committing a theft at the time of the shooting.

Moody is still alive, but an attorney for her family has said she has a very little chance of survival.

So moody is out at 4:00 AM with three boys–great parenting, Moody family–and is a party to breaking and entering of a recreational fishing cabin. The caretaker and another man hear the crime in progress, and claim they fire “warning shots” (which you should never ever do), one of which hits Moody in the head.

This isn’t the Trayvon Martin case, just because Moody is a 17-year-old who caught a bullet, and I’m not going to be forced into viewing this as something other than a local tragedy just because a pretty blond white girl is the one injured.

This does not appear to be close to a valid self defense claim. This was an intentional shot fired, and whether or not the shooter meant to hit anyone is irrelevant. If Moody dies, she becomes another cautionary tale of why criminal behavior can shorten your life expectancy.  As for the shooter, he clearly violated at least two of the rules of gun safety, and he’s probably looking at well-deserved manslaughter charge.

But this isn’t “Trayvon: Part Deux.”

Sorry, media parasites.

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  1. Orion says:

    Might not be manslaughter – it depends upon the laws in that state. In Arizona, he’d be perfectly within his rights to shoot trespassers within an occupied structure.


    • styrgwillidar says:

      However, they apparantly stated they fired ‘warning shots’ and weren’t intending to shoot the trespassers. So, it’s an unintentional loss of life and even if it would have qualified as a ‘good shoot’ had they been firing intentionally at the trespassers, once they established they weren’t intending to hit them it becomes manslaughter, as I understand it.

      • Orion says:

        Possibly, but I do not believe so. You shoot to prevent the situation from escalating, NEVER to kill. While I think these folks made a VERY bad decision to fire in the first place, and then a second bad decision to call them ‘warning shots’, that IS consistent with trying to keep the situation from escalating.

        However, as has been pointed out, these folks likely bankrupted themselves at the very least and they’ll be lucky to avoid jail time on some charge or another.


  2. styrgwillidar says:

    “A well-deserved manslaughter charge” and financial liability for the damages due to the unintentional loss of life. So, in trying to protect against the loss of equipment at most worth $1,000s they’ll be paying attorneys, court costs, fines and judgements in the $100,000s.

  3. david7134 says:

    When I was a kid, about 50 years ago or more. My father gave me advice that worked. He said that if I got on someone property or near their car, they would shot me. Back then, that seemed to keep down crime. Maybe we should go back to that advice rather than make those shooting responsible.

    • styrgwillidar says:

      Probably. And folks who use guns should think through their actions ahead of time and the likely consequences. Including the key phrase, ‘I will not talk until my attorney is present’.